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Off Roading in NJ: New Jersey (Where to Ride?)

New Jersey is known for its beautiful landscape, from large pine forests to white, sandy beaches. It has a lot to offer outdoor adventurers. So you may be wondering where you can do some off-roading?

New Jersey has several parks and trails for off-roading, but it’s important to know where you’re taking your vehicle. The State Forests are protected areas and traveling on the wrong path can result in a hefty fine.

Wharton State Forest, the biggest state forest in New Jersey, has designated paths you must stay on to avoid damaging environmentally sensitive areas. Use a 4WD, since the trails can get quite muddy. Also, look out for signs, follow the speed limit and contact park rangers for more information.

Follow these tips when driving on designated roads:

  • Your vehicle must be street legal (licensed and registered).
  • Do not exceed the speed limit of 20mph on unpaved roads.
  • Use a 4WD vehicle.
  • Look out for signage and stay on marked trails.
  • Stay off private roads and gated areas.
  • Note that hikers and bikers also use the road, so keep right and use caution.
  • Contact park rangers if you’re unsure about riding on a trail.

New Jersey Jeep Association (NJJA)

For more resources on off-roading in New Jersey, visit the New Jersey Jeep Association (NJJA). They follow the Tread Lightly Principles and know where to ride legally. You can also become a member and meet others who love to ride.

Check out some of these other places to off road in NJ.

Where To Go Off Roading in NJ

Off-Roading New Jersey Pine Barrens

1. New Jersey Motorsports Park Field of Dreams

If you’re looking for off road parks in NJ, New Jersey Field of Dreams in Millville offers 100 acres of well-maintained land for dirt bike and ATV riding. There are various tracks and trails suitable for all rider levels. If you don’t have an off-road vehicle, you can use their ATV rental service.

It’s an excellent place for the family. The staff is accommodating, willing to answer all your questions and make sure everyone is safe. The parking lot is quite big and can accommodate trailers.

You can also check out some of these other dirt bike tracks in New Jersey.

2. Cedar Lake and Jackson Road

This trail can be a challenge to follow due to overgrowth and unmarked trails, but it offers spectacular views and a beautiful lake. It also accommodates all skill levels. Stay on designated paths and call ahead to check conditions.

The 3.6-mile loop trail can also accommodate various activities like fishing, hiking, sightseeing, and mountain biking. Visitors will be welcomed with the Lake and the surrounding vegetation that houses swamp areas and mixed forests.

You can bring your dogs, too, provided that they’re on a leash.

3. Island Beach State Park

With a valid permit, you can drive on the beach to go fishing. Three-day and annual permits are available, but you must have the proper equipment. Check their website for more permit information and required equipment.

Island Beach State Park New Jersey

Other Parks and Trails

If you’re willing to venture out, there are plenty of options to off-road in nearby areas. Head to Pennsylvania off-road parks, and test your skills at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park or Darkwater OHV Trail. There are plenty of other exciting parks and trails to choose from.

Conclusion – Off Roading in NJ

New Jersey is home to many beautiful state parks and trails; however, they are protected and do not allow off-road vehicles. If you do visit one, stay on designated paths and go slow. Check out the NJJA and other parks nearby mentioned in this article. Stay safe and have fun!