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Dirt Bike Riding NJ: Top 4 Tracks & Trails in New Jersey

New Jersey isn’t just about busy cities and beautiful beaches; it’s also an excellent destination for dirt bike riding. With well-developed tracks and annual events, New Jersey attracts many off-road enthusiasts to enjoy throughout the year. So, where can you go dirt bike riding in NJ?

NJ Field of Dreams has four tracks, three for motocross and one for supercross. It’s a well-maintained facility with excellent staff. There’s also Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, an exciting place to ride with various obstacles.

Here are the best dirt bike trails in NJ:

  1. NJ Field of Dreams
  2. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
  3. Ready To Ride
  4. Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Curious about the more adventurous side of the Garden State? Get your dirt bike ready because New Jersey has some excellent places for dirt bike riding. Stay with us as we introduce some of the best dirt bike riding NJ has in store for you. Let’s go through the dirt bike trails NJ has to offer in detail.

Dirt Bike Riding NJ: Top 4 Trails in New Jersey

1. NJ Field of Dreams

Dirt Bike Speed Rider

A 100-acre property in New Jersey, the NJ Field of Dreams is packed with dirt bike courses. It has three tracks for motocross, which are ideal for bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and side-by-side (SxS) vehicles. It also has a supercross track but only for motorcycles, not for vehicles with more than two wheels. Eight racing competitions occur within the property every year.

One example of a huge event the establishment can pull off is the Wildwood Race on the Beach in October 2018. The competition promoted classic motocross racing.

Since spectators are a must for big events, the venue always prepares enough bleachers for everyone. It also includes loudspeakers to keep things organized by announcing important information like track conditions and schedules. More importantly, there are emergency staff, ambulance, and warning lights present for safety.

And the best part? Unlike most dirt bike tracks in NJ, this location has loops meant for trail riding. They’re long enough to enjoy more than 25 minutes of exploring nature. They allow not just bikes but ATVs as well.

Since August 2014, at least 25,000 riders have used the tracks for racing or training. That’s not surprising at all, knowing the variety of activities offered for both beginners and pros.


When it comes to its other facilities, this location has shower rooms, which makes sense because of the dirt tracks and the intense activities there. It also has a station where you can thoroughly clean your dirt bike after a full day on the trails. The wash station is specifically designed by Sebastian Tortelli, a world-famous MX racer, to guarantee convenience.

Surprisingly, it also has campsites with complete electrical systems to let trailers use air conditioners or heaters. Of course, the establishment will charge the campers every day until they end their stay.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the personnel manning the tracks tends to pour too much water sometimes, resulting in extremely muddy surfaces. And, if you’re planning to rent a dirt bike, you’d be disappointed. You can only rent ATVs there. However, that’s a good thing for bikers who also want to try other vehicles.

2. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

MX Dirt Bike Track Rider

Called the Madison Township Raceway Park when it was first opened to the public in 1965, the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park was a facility known for racing events or competitions in New Jersey. It started with just 380 acres of land, but it eventually expanded until it spanned at least 500 acres for different activities like drag racing, motocross, and go-karting.

Over the years, there were changes. The most significant one was the closure of the dragstrip. It became a spot for outdoor concerts instead. Luckily for you, the go-karts, drift track, and motocross track are still available.

Loam is used for the motocross track to keep the surfaces soft enough for dirt bikes. The track also has a subtle angle to drain whenever necessary. It undergoes frequent maintenance to preserve the whoops, bowls, and other features of the track. 

Also, the sections are balanced. The straight parts are for picking up speed while the obstacles come in various forms such as ditches, banks, and ledges.

This establishment can be super-expensive, though. A person can spend almost $100 in just a single day because of the gate, track, and camping charges, not to mention the pricey food.

3. Ready To Ride

Dirt Bike Track Rider Turning Corner

Kids deserve to have some fun on dirt tracks, too. However, only a limited number of locations around the U.S. allow that. Fortunately, one is in New Jersey, and it’s called the Ready To Ride park.

Perfect for the whole family, this establishment allows vehicles like dirt bikes, go-karts, and ATVs for all ages. It’s the safest one on the list because it prohibits racing.

To ensure everyone’s safety and convenience, these are all the rules of the park:

  • Each individual must wear a helmet, a pair of goggles, a long-sleeved top, secure pants, gloves, and work boots for maximum protection from head to toe.
  • The sounds from vehicles exceeding 92 decibels aren’t allowed at all.
  • Use the trail marks as a guide.
  • Don’t leave the trails when you ride.
  • Always bring your membership card.
  • The maximum number of riders for each vehicle should always be observed.
  • Don’t travel by yourself.
  • Full supervision is required for kids.
  • Kids younger than six years old aren’t allowed on the trails or tracks.

Just remember that this park is strictly for members only. Don’t worry; you don’t have to register annually because the establishment offers passes good for one day only.

The charges or fees are quite expensive, though. That includes the payment for the orientation and registration, not just the yearly membership and the one-day pass.

This park doesn’t offer rental vehicles as well. All members or guests should bring their own ATVs, dirt bikes, or even go-karts.

4. Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Dirt Bike Trail Path Ride

Not just for dirt bikes and ATVs, the Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park is surprisingly for snowmobiles as well. However, it will require you to process and bring multiple documents or records such as proof of insurance, identification, and Motor Vehicle Commission registration.

This location was converted a few times for different purposes before it became a place for off-road vehicles. In 2007, from being a sole motocross track, it turned into a paintball course.

Now, the terrain there is perfect for off-roading. It isn’t challenging enough for some pros, but it’s ideal for beginners and experienced riders.

This location has fewer rules than the previous park, but it’s still pretty strict with the following reminders:

  • Use a helmet designed for motorcycle riders.
  • Wear goggles made for off-road riders if your helmet doesn’t have a shield for your face.
  • Cover your skin by wearing long-sleeved tops and full-length pants.
  • Wear shoes higher than your ankles and tie the laces securely.
  • Use gloves and knee pads.

Conclusion – Dirt Bike Riding NJ

Even though New Jersey doesn’t exactly have a bunch of trail systems for dirt bikes because of its highly urbanized areas, it has some of the best motocross tracks in these locations. Here are the top dirt bike trails in NJ:

  1. NJ Field of Dreams
  2. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
  3. Ready To Ride
  4. Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Each location has its own charm. The NJ Field of Dreams has looped trails aside from motocross tracks. Meanwhile, the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park maintains a high-quality obstacle course for dirt bikes. The parks included on the list, Ready To Ride, is for families, while the Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park can be an exciting winter destination.