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Fox Valley Off Road: Illinois (Guide & Review)

One of the best off road parks in Illinois and well-known countrywide, Fox Valley Off Road is one of the premier destinations for ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts. If you’re looking for well-maintained trails with the right mix of difficulty, views, and great staff, then Fox Valley definitely delivers that and more.

What’s Fox Valley Off Road Park like, and what do riders think of the Illinois trails you can find here?

Discover more about Fox Valley Off Road, its offroad tracks, how it compares to other ATV trails in Illinois, and what you can expect from a day on its trails.

Person Driving Motocross Dirt Bike

Fox Valley Off Road: Basic Facts

Let’s start with the basic must-know facts. Fox Valley Off Road Park is in Ottawa, Illinois, and can be reached off Interstate 80, then taking route 23 towards Ottawa.

Directions to arrive there can be found on the park’s website, along with a helpful map, too.

They are open on specific days, which will change depending on whether there’s an event or race taking place. Currently, you can ride on Wednesdays from 12 to 7pm, Fridays from 12 to 6pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 to 5. The park is also open on holiday Mondays, and this gets confirmed on the homepage and the park’s Facebook page.

To ride the trails at Fox Valley Off Road Park, you will need to adhere to very specific rules, among others:

  • You must sign a liability form available online.
  • No passengers are allowed (so no double riding)
  • No vehicles other than motorbikes or 4-wheel ATVs can be ridden in the park.
  • There is no actual mud riding here and, if you get stuck in the mud, the park management will help pull you out for free the first time. However, you can only get stuck once more (paying a $25 fee to be pulled out), and you’ll be escorted out of the park on your third strike. This is because they want to discourage mud riding altogether.
  • You’ll need to watch the noise here, too. All machines must have a working silencer, and they have a DB meter to check the noise being made in the park.
  • No alcohol is allowed.
  • Riders need to be wearing a helmet, goggles, boots, and long pants. There are no tennis (soft) shoes allowed either.

Overall, it might seem that the park is full of restrictions, but it only shows that they take riders’ and guests’ safety very seriously. It makes Fox Valley Off Road a particularly family-friendly venue.

The Trails

Moving on to the most important information: the trails themselves, some of the best ATV trails in Illinois. Currently, the maintained trails are around 12 miles in length and are not marked. They are also multi-directional, so you should never assume you’re riding one-way only.

In addition to the ATV trails, there is a supercross track, a pee-wee track, and a fenced-off field for beginner riders to practice. This makes the park excellent for all levels and an ideal destination to bring younger riders who want to work on their off-roading skills.

In general, you should expect pretty dry riding here, with the terrain being made up mostly of dry, rocky creek beds and single track through the woodland. There are some steep technical climbs and associated descents, too.

Why You Should Visit Fox Valley Off Road

Off-road riders who enjoy spending time with the whole family in a wholesome and relaxed environment will love Fox Valley. The park focuses on safety, environmental friendliness, and strict rules regulating access and who can ride. They also make sure that everyone feels included and has a great time.

If you have children looking to experience off-roading, the pee-wee track is excellent for keeping them entertained. It’s the fact that all generations of riders can find something to enjoy at Fox Valley that makes it a great destination among off road parks in Illinois.

As for the trails, they are very well kept and will guarantee a mix of challenges and excitement. If you’re looking for something fun, without too much hassle, then this is the park for you.

Special Events

If you’re planning to visit Fox Valley Off Road Park, one thing to note is the calendar of races and special events, which gets updated regularly throughout the year. The park won’t be open for riding on those days, but of course, you can still come to check out the races and see some skills being displayed.

There are generally one or two events per month, with more happening in the summer, so make sure you check this here to avoid disappointment at not being allowed into the park.

Other Great Off Road Parks in Illinois

Motocross Quad ATV Race

If you’re vacationing in Illinois or are lucky to live there, you won’t be far from other excellent venues for riding your ATV or dirt bike on great trails. Alongside Fox Valley Off Road Park, here are three more we recommend.

Hillbillie Offroad Ranch

More welcoming to those looking for muddy riding than Fox Valley, Hillbillie Offroad Ranch can be found in Jerseyville, IL. They offer an RV campground on-site, and you can ride through some great trails all weekend long. They also often feature live music and an excellent atmosphere for spending time with friends or making new ones. There are over 40 miles of trails, two large mud pits, and a 17-acre mud plex with ramps, a tire pit, a telephone pole section, and all sorts of other fun spots.

Moreover, Hillbillie organizes some fantastic events, from a Spring Mudfest kicking off the riding season in May to 4th of July Weekend Bashes and rallies throughout the summer.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain

Recently taken over by new owners, this off-road park is open all year near Marseilles, IL, with summer and winter-specific hours. There are many trails for all levels, some jumps, an MX track, tires and rocks to practice your skills around, and more. The park is only open for ATV, UTV, and dirt bikes (so no Jeeps).

In addition to the trails open for those with their own vehicles, the Cliffs also organize UTV guided tours, where you get the chance to drive a Yamaha Wolverine or Viking and follow a trained guide along through the woods for one hour. It’s a perfect opportunity for beginners, and driving lessons are provided before the tour.

Rocky Glen OHV Park

Located in Rockford, IL, this park stretches over 120 acres and features 20 miles of trails and three tracks for dirt bikes, quads, ATVs, and other 4-wheel OHV. The trails are engaging, with jumps and obstacles and catering to any type of rider, from beginner to the more advanced.

You can ride at Rocky Glen Fridays through to Mondays, and you can even rent the whole park out for special events from Tuesday to Thursday by contacting them directly.

Riding in Illinois – Fox Valley Off Road And More

ATV trails in Illinois are as diverse as the state itself, with lots to choose from in the many OHV and ATV parks with organized routes and welcoming staff. There’s also a great off-roading atmosphere overall. Most venues feature family-friendly set-ups, big events during the summer, and the opportunity for young riders to get involved in the fun and develop their skills. Riding at Fox Valley Off Road Park can be fantastic fun. 

When you’re next in Illinois, give this park a try, then head off to some of our other top picks for an unforgettable few days on the trails.