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Zion Jeep Tours: Springdale, Utah (Full Review & Guide)

Visiting Zion National Park in Utah should be on any outdoor lover’s bucket list. Some of the most unique rock formations and mountain sceneries in the world can be found here, along with a fantastic community that welcomes tourists all year round. It’s not just casual tourism, either: outdoor activities abound, from climbing and hiking to ATV riding and more. It’s in this incredible environment that you can take a day out and enjoy yourself outdoors with Zion Jeep Tours.

What are Zion Jeep Tours like, and what can you expect from the company’s tour options? Here is a full review and guide to one of the best outdoor adventures you can have in Utah.

Zion Jeep Tours Essentials

White Jeep Off-Road Utah Canyon

Zion Jeep Tours is in Springdale, UT, from where they explore the National Park on three tour options and offer the opportunity to create your own tour with their assistance.

The main aim is to cover Zion National Park with exciting days out that will be entertaining for all clients. Here’s the standard menu:

Group Safari Tour

This three-hour tour takes you to the west side of Zion National Park, also known under the name “Mesa Vista Group Safari Tour.” It’s the most popular option, starting from Springdale and climbing into the high backcountry of the Kolob Terrace section of Zion National Park. Ride into the Smith Mesa or Hurricane Mesa, learn about all the many-colored rocks of Zion, and have a blast riding on varied terrain.

This tour includes amazing views of the sunset-reflecting rocks of Zion and hits all the most popular photo spots. You’ll also see wildlife and Native American wall paintings along the way.

All visitors are picked up at Majestic View Lodge in Springdale, UT, for the Group Safari Tour. You’ll need to bring some hiking kit, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and – of course – your camera. You can book to join the tour online here.

Private Jeep Tours

This three-hour tour is ideal for families or small groups, allowing you to explore the Zion outback with your closest family or friends. You get to choose between many locations for this Zion Jeep tour, making it easy to use the local knowledge of guides and get to less-traveled places that most tourists would never see.

In addition to a great half-day of riding through the natural wonders of Zion, you’ll also get to see rock art from old Native American tribes and other surprises such as ghost towns and unique wildlife. Whether you ride through the Mesa Vista on the Western side of the park or in the Outback of Zion, there’s something to enjoy on both tours.

For the private tours, you can get picked up wherever you’re staying in Springdale, Rockville, or Virgin.

All-Day Grand Canyon Backcountry Tour

If you think you’d love to see the Grand Canyon without the crowds, there is an alternative by taking the Grand Canyon Backcountry Tour with Zion Jeep Tours. Thanks to access to the Tuweep section of the Grand Canyon, you’ll be away from the main viewing spots, getting guided instead to the “Arizona Strip.” This is a remote region of Arizona between its border with southern Utah and the Colorado River.

Not only do you get to experience some amazing sights away from everyone else, but the tour also features a great view over a 3000-foot precipice above the Colorado River.

This tour picks visitors up at the Majestic View Lodge in Springdale and will last about 9 hours.

Zion Jeep Tours Reviews

The knowledgeable, friendly guides and excellent itinerary ideas make Zion Jeep Tours a superb option for visiting Zion National Park in a different atmosphere from what most tourists will do. They are family-owned and operated since 2003, which makes a difference from more commercial outfits and leads to unique, intimate experiences with every tour group.

One of the reasons that Zion Jeep Tours are so popular is the perspective they bring for visitors. Every guide has a true passion for the park, making them enjoyable and engaging partners on the trip.

Making the Most of Zion National Park

Zion National Park Entrance Sign
Mark Wagner, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the key challenges when visiting such a popular place as Zion National Park is getting access to the top sights without being overcrowded. Visitors report fully booked shuttles and difficulty reaching the park. With Zion Jeep Tours, you don’t even have to drive anywhere near the Visitor Center. You’ll get picked up and be guaranteed to be able to see all the great views you’ve been looking forward to.

Moreover, once you’ve done your Jeep tour, you may be tempted by additional activities in the park. Here are some quick ideas.


Zion has some world-class hiking spots, such as the Angels Landing and the Weeping Rock. Depending on how much you want to do, you can get some excellent views and a workout in, all at the same time. Angels Landing is ideal for panoramic views of the park, in particular.

Climbing and Canyoneering

The sandstone cliffs of Zion National Park are famous for their climbing potential, but they are difficult, and it is recommended that only experienced climbers attempt them. If you’re a beginner, you can try your hand at bouldering in the main canyon – there are two locations near the South entrance.

Canyoneering is another excellent option for outdoor fun and one of the fastest-growing activities in the national park.

River Tubing and Swimming

To cool off from the heat, why not try the Virgin River for tubing down towards Lake Mead? It’s a great adventure, and all you need to do is let yourself float down!

There are also multiple great swimming spots, such as the Pine Creek Waterfall, where you can take a dip on a hot day.

Zion Jeep Tours and Adventures – A Unique Vacation Idea

Zion National Park Canyon

Enjoying Zion National Park on four or two wheels can get you closer to the best views quicker, and it will also take you off the beaten track where all the tourists crowd up. Picking a Zion Jeep rental can be a great idea for exploring on your own, or you can rely on Zion Jeep Tours for ready-made or customized itineraries that show you the best of the area. Once you’ve done your tour, enjoy all the other amazing outdoor adventures and activities on offer – you’ll be spoiled for choice!