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Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach: Full Review

Texas is a top destination for off-roading where you’ll be spoiled with ATV parks, Jeep trails, rugged terrain, and excellent facilities across the state. Texas has a variety of difficulty when it comes to extreme ATVing, and there are some fantastic parks to enjoy.

Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach is one of the best locations for “xtreme ATVs.” It offers lots of trails, a great setting not far from Houston, excellent facilities, and a roster of events bringing off-roading enthusiasts together every year. So, what makes Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach a great ATV off-road destination?

Located just south of Crosby, TX, Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach is a dedicated outdoor recreational park near Houston. It offers hundreds of acres of off-roading trails for ATV enthusiasts and beach areas, forest cabins, fishing, swimming, and outdoor fun for the whole family.

Spending a few days at Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach lets you fully delve into the trail network while offering excellent infrastructure, whether you’re there for a day or a vacation.

Red Off-Road Vehicle in Water

Xtreme Park – The Essentials

There are around 500 acres of wild space at the Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach, and 5 miles of dedicated off-roading trails. The park is private and set in a predominantly forested environment, but you’ll also find hill climbs, deep mud bogs, and lots of small lakes. This diversity makes it fun and challenging at the same time, making it one of the best off road parks in Texas.

You can rent an ATV on-site if you don’t have one already, and it’s worth noting that the park is open every day, depending on the weather. It’s better to call ahead because seasonal changes occur, but it’s a pretty reliable place to visit all year round thanks to favorable weather.

How Good is Xtreme Park for Off-Roading?

One of the key attractions of Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach is the mud. The bogs and wooded trails make for a particular type of ATVing – so, if muddy trails are your thing, you’re in for a treat!

You’ll find deep mud bogs and some elaborate obstacles to test your skills.

The other positive of Xtreme Park is its versatility. You don’t just have to come and ride the trails; you can spend time by the lake and enjoy nature. There are hikes and water sports you can try, such as jet skis and boat ramps. And there is an excellent infrastructure for accommodation too – check out Xtreme Marina Camping for information on cabins, RV camping, and more.

Xtreme Off Road Events

This off-roading park makes sure to keep attracting visitors by putting on special events and themed days. Memorial Weekend is always a great draw, and there are some other summer days, such as the Summer Sling in June. Offroad Life Apparel tends to list them all, or you can go to the Xtreme Off Road Facebook page to get the latest information. You might even find a Tug-of-War game between ATVs and Jeeps some time!

Nearby Parks – Extend Your Adventure

Once you’ve made it to Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach, you’re not far from a few other great places for extreme ATVing. There are a few other off-road parks just nearby for you to try your hand at.

Dirty South Off-Road 2.0

This off-roading park has just reopened after closure, hence the “2.0” in the name. It’s also just near Crosby, TX, and takes advantage of the same terrain and scenery as Xtreme Park. They have 700 acres of woodland, hill climbs and muddy bogs, and many small lakes.

This is a private property allowing primitive camping, but not offering any other amenities for now (they are updating the park infrastructure).

Freedom MX – Motocross Park

If you want to try a different vehicle after a weekend of ATVing at Xtreme Park, Freedom MX is just a few miles away and offers two main tracks and a peewee track. They allow camping on-site on weekends too.

Motocross is pretty big on the outskirts of Houston, TX, with many other parks to check out, too: Ultimate Motocross in Alvin and Rio Bravo Motocross Park just near Houston are two great options.

Motocross Park Dirt Bike Track Race

Creekside Edge Offroad Ranch

Another great off road park in Texas, Creekside Edge, offers 350 acres on sandy wood trails and mud bogs, hills and water crossings. They are located near Splendora, TX, and allow primitive camping up to RV hook-ups.

Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach FAQs

When is the Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach open?
The park is open all year, but there might be seasonal or one-off closures, so check their Facebook page or call/email before you go to be sure you can get in. Of course, if you book accommodation in advance, that’s a guaranteed way to know you’ll get access to the park.

What is the cost to ride in the park?
There is an entry fee of $10 per Jeep and $20 per rider, with kids aged 11 and under pay only $5. You don’t need to pay for ATVs.

However, there are no camping fees once you’re in the park to stay a little while.

Where can I find Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach?
The park’s address is 1927 Gulf Pump Road, Crosby, TX 77532. Take FM-1200 south for a mile from Crosby, then turn right onto the US-90/ Beaumont Hwy and continue for 1.3 miles until you reach Gulf Pump Road on your left. Turn in, and the park is just under half a mile on your left.

Here is an excellent map which also gives you an aerial view of the site.

Can I contact anyone at the park directly?
Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach have a very active Facebook page where you can check out events and news about the park. You can also email them and check out their Instagram.

How many acres is Xtreme Off Road?
The total park surface is 500 acres, including woodland, trails, lakes, and more.

Can I stay overnight at Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach?
Yes! They offer a wide range of options, from RVs and camping to different sizes of cabins you can rent.

Do I need to bring ID to ride at Xtreme Park?
Yes, a valid ID will be required to let you into the park.

What sort of vehicles can I drive at Xtreme Park?
You can bring many different vehicles to Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach – this is what makes is such a great destination! Motorcycles and dirt bikes are allowed alongside ATVs and Jeeps, and you can also ride UTVs, SXS, dune buggies, and sand rail 4x4s.

Is Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach rocky?
Unlike other rock-crawling extreme ATV-ing parks, the strength of Xtreme is mud, not rocks. There aren’t many rocky sections or boulders; instead, you’ll find mostly mud and water crossings.

Are there jumps at Xtreme Park?
Not really. The park is geared up more for an authentic forest experience where you’ll be riding through dirt and mud and crossing waters to finish off by the beach. No jumps are set up or purpose-built.

Does Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach accommodate extreme offroad RVs?
You can bring your off-roading RV with you to Xtreme Park. Having one will put you in good stead as you’ll be able to drive closer to the beach and some of the nicer wooded areas within the park. Xtreme offers RV camping on-site, but they don’t have hookups, unfortunately. Your nearest spot with RV hookups is at Houston Leisure RV Resort, just 8 miles away.

Is it safe to fish in Xtreme Park?
Yes, fishing is safe and fine to do here! It’s one of the many water-related activities available in the park, next to swimming, boating, jet skiing, etc. 

There are also several shaded areas for BBQ-ing – either for the fish you just caught or for meat you bring with you!

Conclusion – Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach, an Ideal Offroading Destination for the Whole Family

With its robust infrastructure, plenty of open space, a great range of activities, and outstanding facilities, Xtreme Offroad Park and Beach is ideal for spending a weekend with the whole family. Getting dirty on the trails, then relaxing by the beach, fishing, swimming, and BBQ-ing – a great combination that’s sure to suit all outdoor enthusiasts!