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Wildcat Offroad Park: Kentucky (Guide & Review)

Situated in Southeast Kentucky, Wildcat OffRoad Park is a destination for the whole family, with 2,000 acres of private land on which to cut your teeth offroading and enjoy it with your loved ones, too. Wildcat’s main selling point is that it is a family-friendly offroad park where you can drive 100+ miles of trails, stay on-site at the campground, and enjoy yourself all year round (it’s only closed on Christmas Day).

What’s special about Wildcat OffRoad Park, then? It’s a unique place that caters to the whole family specifically, allowing off-road enthusiasts to spend great vacations on its well-appointed campground and ride miles of trails of all levels, enjoying the best that wild Kentucky has to offer.

Let’s look at the essential information about Wildcat park, which makes it one of the best offroad parks in Kentucky, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

Off-Road Vehicle on Rocky Terrain

Essential Info About Wildcat Offroad Park

Getting there

You can reach Wildcat easily, just 2 miles off the I-72 in Kentucky, taking exit 49. The address is 7800 N US Highway 25, East Bernstadt, KY 40729-6741.

The park office is open most of the day, from 9 am during the week and from 8 am at the weekend, and while it closes at 5 pm, you’ll be allowed on the trails up to midnight all week.

Entry and prices

Access to the park is open to all ages as it’s a family-oriented place, but anyone under 18 years old has to be with a guardian. There is a park waiver form to sign as well, which you should download and bring with you on the day.

An adult day pass is only $16, and children aged 9-12 pay a discounted fee of $9. You can get up to a five-day pass.

Wildcat Offroad park map and trails

Now to the more important stuff: the trails! As one of the premier ATV parks in KY, Wildcat offers a great variety of trails to enjoy. Most are wide and hardpacked so that all four-wheelers will feel at home here. You can check out the map here, and they are also well marked on site.

Camping information

As far as staying in the park is concerned, you’ll have the option to book primitive camping spots, RV campsites, or even rent a cabin. All cabins are extremely well-appointed and look great with their wood paneling and incredible surroundings.

Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park: Review

Off-Road Vehicle

As a family-friendly ATV park, Wildcat does a great job of being inclusive for all. Firstly, its trails are great for all rider levels, which makes it a good destination for groups of mixed ability. You can also rent canoes or kayaks for some fun on the water.

Secondly, the excellent accommodation options and a convenient on-site general store mean that it’s easy to spend a few days in this ideal off road camping location.

The scenery you’ll encounter riding here is very diverse, from massive rocks to forests and open views. It’s varied enough that you won’t be bored, and the trails loop back to start in a very convenient way so you can always assess how long you’ll be out for and when you’ll get back to camp. You’ll be up against flat switchbacks but also mud and rocks if you want to test yourself a bit more.

Train Tunnel

Wildcat Park is also home to one of the most unusual riding experiences: the Wildcat Offroad Park train tunnel, an abandoned train tunnel which you can ride through for an eerie experience. It’s important to note this is an abandoned tunnel, so no danger of an incoming train putting your life at risk, as some detractors have posted on various websites!

Depending on when you visit, you can also enjoy some seasonal fun at this offroad park. Fall is great for enjoying the changing foliage, and there are also scavenger hunts throughout the park to keep kids entertained. For Halloween, you can ride a Halloween night trail in the dark.

Finally, the staff and owners get a great “thumbs up” from all riders who’ve visited the park. You can check out all the glowing reviews on their Facebook page.

Nearby Parks and Trails

Once you’ve enjoyed your offroad adventure at Wildcat Park, you can also extend your trip to Kentucky by checking out some other great trails in the state:

  • Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area is a massive park with 7,000 acres of wilderness to explore, across 150 miles of trails. It’s located only 90 miles away from Wildcat Park and features a zipline canopy tour on its varied offroad trails. There are two major trailheads to access the park, Evarts (the main entry) and Putney, both close to cities where you can find RV camping, rental homes and other lodging options, restaurants, and stores. Putney Trailhead is separate from the park itself, but you can buy a permit there to access the park’s trail system (in addition to being able to stay in Harlan County Campground and RV Park – conveniently near the trails)
  • Dirt Nasty Off-Road Park is quite different from Wildcat, focusing on dirt riding. You can bring Jeeps and ATVs here and have c. 600 acres of terrain to play around in. They offer a range of trails, marked and graded by difficulty. However, they are currently only open on Saturdays, so more of a day trip (although camping is mentioned on the website, so there may be opportunities to make a weekend of it over the summer). You can find them about 112 miles north of Wildcat Adventure Park, near Morehead, KY.
  • Hollerwood Off-Road Adventure Park – near Red River Gorge, this is a destination that also caters to the whole family, with over 2,500 acres of valleys and ridges. The stunning scenery makes it a great place to ride off-road, and they also have two ponds for fishing and kayaking. While the park focuses on offroad driving, they are also looking to expand to horse riding and mountain biking in the near future. This park is also only around 60 miles from Wildcat Park, so you can easily add to your holiday by going over there with the whole family once you’re done riding at Wildcat.
Off-Road Vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildcat

How long will it take to ride all trails?
Most visitors report finishing the trails in 2-3 days, but you can ride them several times to improve on specific spots.

What age do you have to be to ride in Wildcat Park?
An adult guardian must accompany any visitor under 18 years old; however, as passengers, kids of all ages are welcome in this family-friendly offroad park.

How easy is it to find Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park?
This is probably one of the easiest to find destinations for riding off-road! It’s just two miles off the I-72 and very convenient to locate.

I need some parts. Can I get any in the park?
Yes, the park store has you covered with parts as well as a general convenience store for food and drinks.

Can I build a fire on camp?
There are fire rings and designated places where you can light a fire on site, yes.

Are there are any noise restrictions?
Yes, as it’s a family-friendly park. You should keep noise to a minimum after midnight – so quite generous!

What vehicles can I ride on the trails at Wildcat?
Their trails are best suited for ATVs and motorbikes.

What events do Wildcat Offroad Park organize?
There are events for any major holidays to get you in the spirit and enjoy some other fun and games on top of riding their excellent trails. Keep up with the latest information on their Facebook page.

Wildcat Offroad Park – Head to One of the Best Offroad Destinations in Kentucky

If you’re visiting Kentucky and want to ride your ATV in perfectly maintained surroundings complete with on-site lodging and facilities, then the Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park offers an ideal end-to-end experience.

From its variety of well-marked, groomed trails to its incredible scenery and its multiple activities for the whole family, what sets this park apart from other ATV parks in Kentucky and wider is the family-oriented set-up.

This means you can bring kids of all ages, will be well catered for, and there is more for everyone to enjoy. You’ll also meet lots of like-minded offroading enthusiasts while you’re there, so go and enjoy some perfect riding!