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Kris Peter


Off-Roading Pro provides helpful guides on ATVs, dirt bikes, Jeeps, trails, and almost everything related to off-roading.

Hi, I’m Kris, an avid off-roader and outdoor enthusiast who loves to brave the elements and take on challenging terrain. I started this website to help new and experienced riders find information on off-roading and vehicles in general. Have a look around and check out some of the vehicles, gear, trails, and more.



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Latest Posts

  • Why Is My Left Blinker Stuck on and How Can I Fix It?
    The blinkers are among the safety features of any vehicle because they help alert other drivers of your intention to change lanes or take left or right turns. As such, we all hope we don’t get to the point when we need to ask, “Why is my left blinker stuck on?” That said, you must …
  • Jeep Cherokee Push Button Start Not Working? Here’s Why!
    Have you ever imagined that your Jeep Cherokee push button won’t start or will malfunction? This situation definitely takes away the convenience this modern feature is supposed to bring to the table. Just think about the stress you’ll experience, especially if you’re ready to drive on your weekend adventure. The good news is that most …
  • ATV vs. Dirt Bike: Which Is Right for You? (Pros & Cons)
    When comparing dirt bikes and ATVs, describing the former as exclusive to motocross tracks and the latter to off-road trails overlooks their full capabilities and may show bias. A thorough assessment of various factors is necessary to determine which motorized machine — quad or dirt bike — is more suitable for off-road terrain. And this …
  • Common Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems, Symptoms, & Solutions
    You know how to drive your Toyota Tacoma safely in different conditions, on- and off-road. But are you aware of its transmission problems? Why even bother, though? Having this knowledge ensures you know what to expect after years of driving your Tacoma, whether it may be a first-, second-, or third-generation unit. So, what are the most …
  • 8 UTV/Side-by-Side Storage Tips
    As the seasons change and temperatures drop, many UTV and side-by-side enthusiasts prepare to store their beloved machines for the winter. In this article, we will explore essential storage tips to help you protect your favorite four-wheeler during the off-season. Here are eight tips on how to store a UTV for winter: Whether or not …
  • How to Winterize Your UTV/Side-by-Side (10 Tips)
    Since winter is here, UTV owners must prepare their vehicles for storage or cold-weather riding. This process, called ‘winterizing,’ ensures a machine’s longevity and performance and enhances its safety during snowy trail rides. In this guide, let us explore essential tips for effectively carrying out this process — covering everything from upkeep to storage preparations. …