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What is a Good Dirt Bike for a 14 Year Old?

Picking a good dirt bike for a 14-year old isn’t easy. There’s a lot to think about and so many choices. The tips and advice we’ll share in this article should help get you started.

What’s a good dirt bike for a 14-year old? One of the top options is the Razor MX350. Although this may be a top choice, whether it suits your child or not depends on a lot of factors. For instance, height, weight, and experience should be taken into consideration when choosing a dirt bike.

The Razor MX350 (view on Amazon) is an excellent bike for a young rider. It has a powerful electric motor and a speed of up to 14 mph. It also has a 140-pound weight limit.

There are also many more components that make a good dirt bike, which we will cover in the rest of this article.

How to Choose a Dirt Bike Suitable for a 14-Year Old

At this age group, dirt bikes have much-improved quality, endurance, power, stability, and torque. It is the starting point of your child’s progression from a mere hobby to thrilling competitions. The dirt bikes in this age category range from 100cc and up.

Blue Dirt Bike

A child at this age should have already mastered the smaller bikes and the high intensity of this sport. However, whatever your choice of a dirt bike depends on your judgment of the ability of your child. In that case, consider the kind of dirt bike that would be suitable for your child based on these three main factors mentioned.

1. Height

Your child’s height matters when it comes to overall safety and comfort. It is easy to figure out if a bike will suit them by getting them to hop on and sit forward to see if their feet can touch the ground. If they can stand flat-footed, then it is probably too small for them. If they can barely stand while tiptoeing, it is perhaps too large.

You can find out if the bike is suitable for your kid if they can put one-third of their foot on the ground. This means that they are not flat-footed, which puts more weight on the bike’s suspensions. A dirt bike like this would make your kid feel like they hit a rock or a bump on the road. Being unbalanced on their toes is also not good.

Getting your child to sit on the bike is the best way to see if it suits their height. After all, some 14-year olds are small for their age, while others are quite big. Bring them to the store, let them sit on the bike, and see if they are flat-footed or on their toes. If it is neither, then they will be able to control the bike more comfortably.

2. Weight

The importance of weight when choosing a dirt bike relates to the amount of suspension. It will change significantly, depending on whether your kid is a beginner rider weighing less than 100 lbs, or an experienced rider who weighs 200 lbs. A heavy 14-year-old beginner rider can ride faster if they’re on a smaller bike, but it can be problematic since their weight can affect the suspension.

If your kid’s weight is around 150 lbs or less, the ideal bike would be around 250cc or below. This way, your child can quickly get used to the weight and height of the bike. On the other hand, a bigger 14-year old child would have bikes of 250cc to 450cc as better options. Such bikes would have enough suspension that allows kids to ride comfortably on any dirt road.

3. Experience Level

Experience is a critical deciding factor when choosing a dirt bike; for example, if they are a beginner or not. Knowing their experience level will help you to pick the right bike that they would be able to handle. For beginners, you want bikes with automatic clutches and three-speed transmission so they can get used to it before moving to advanced bikes.

Whether the 14-year old child is heavier or taller, their experience plays a significant role in the kind of dirt bike that would suit them best. If your kid is still a beginner and is heavy or tall, a 300 or 400cc bike might be too powerful for them. But if they are used to riding dirt bikes, then it is a good idea to pick something over 250cc.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Dirt Bike for Your Child

Besides the height, weight, and experience level of your kid, there are other features you want to consider. These will aid you in finding a bike that is not only comfortable and sturdy but also has an appearance that would please your child. So, here are other things to look for in the best dirt bike for a 14-year old.

1. Seat Height

One thing to remember when shopping around for a dirt bike is that a 14-year-old can be shorter or taller for their age. They can also be heavier or lighter, too, which makes age an unreliable criterion at times. When it comes to the seat, consider the height of your kid. If they are around 160cm, a seat height of 33-36 inches is ideal, but the best way to know this is by letting your child try sitting on the bike.

2. Color & Style

Green Dirt Bike

The color and style of the bike have more to do with your child’s interest than any practical or technical aspects. Dirt bikes come in different styles, colors, and shapes, and your child will undoubtedly want a dirt bike that looks cool. In this case, talk with them on their preference to avoid any awkward arguments at the shops.

3. Transmission System

Whether you are looking for a less expensive or top-of-the-line dirt bike for 14-year-olds, they have different transmission systems. The most popular would be automatic, which can change gears by itself or automatically. Others have semiautomatic with a centrifugal clutch, which means it only needs to shift gears. For a 14-year old child, a manual shifting system would be a little tough, so an automatic option might be the best choice unless you know they are skilled enough.

4. Starter System

The basic starter system for beginners would be electric start engines. They are easy to start with only the push of a button, not to mention maintenance being a breeze. If your kid is still a beginner, then this is an excellent choice for them. But if they have more experience, then a more powerful bike with a kick starter is the norm. More modern bikes now have electric start, while older bikes usually use a kick starter.

5. Wheel Size

Dirt Bike Motocross

How the kid feels while on the bike is based on the wheel size. Bikes with smaller size wheels make turning easier, plus you feel light on the seat too. But they can also be easier to dent, mainly when there are a lot of bumps. On the other hand, bigger wheels usually mean taller bikes, which is useful if your 14-year old is a bit on the tall side.

6. Engine Type

The bike’s engine type can either be a 2-stoke or a 4-stroke. Before buying a bike, get to know the difference between these two. The better option for 14-year old children is the 4-stroke as it delivers power on the rotation of each two crankshafts. This means that acceleration is much smoother, and there are fewer jerking motions.

7. Power

If your child is less experienced, it is best to get them a lightweight dirt bike. It will be easier to ease into until they can grow and become more experienced. By that time, it will be more comfortable and safer to hand them a bike that has much more power. A 250cc engine dirt bike is ideal for a 14-year old beginner.

8. Price

The price range for dirt bikes is varied. Even if two bikes have similar features, one can be cheaper than another depending on the brand. Usually, bikes with more features are more costly. If your kid is a beginner, dirt bikes priced $200 – $300 is an excellent range. More advanced bikes are usually $400 – $600+, which is quite expensive and more for those a little more serious about bikes.

Conclusion – What is a Good Dirt Bike for a 14 Year Old?

Bike riding is an excellent outdoor sport for your child if you want them to interact with nature and stop being glued to their cell phones. It is a good enough reason to start shopping around and learn more about dirt bikes. Of course, it is going to be challenging since there are lots of options, and you want only the best bike for your kid. As you can see in this article, your choice boils down to three main factors.

These factors are your child’s height, weight, and level of experience. Kids, 14-years old or less, are usually less experienced. They can be taller or shorter for their age, or even heavier or lighter than what you would expect. It makes choosing a good dirt bike for 14-year-olds a little tricky. Instead of your kid’s age, it is better to focus on the factors mentioned above, along with the dirt bike features suitable for your child.