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TaoTao 110cc ATV Specs and Review

Chinese-made ATVs like the TaoTao 110cc ATV have been growing in popularity in the past decade for a good number of reasons. They are affordable and good beginner vehicles for kiddos and youngsters training for more serious riding. This article will go over another one of these economical off-road wheelers.

The TaoTao 110 ATV is a U.S.-manufactured Chinese kid quad by Tao Motor. It features an automatic transmission, a speed limiter, a wireless key fob with an engine shut-off, utility racks, and a California Green Sticker. This mini machine perfectly caters to both beginner and experienced youngsters.

The quad’s rugged steel frame, full suspension, and a wide array of color options make it a massive hit with parents and kids who want to bond over experiencing the outdoors. Plus, it makes it a very viable choice for a fun, safe ride. Does the Chinese ATV truly live up to its reputation? Read on to find out.

Young Chile Riding Quad ATV Bike

Not Just Another Quad

Despite what others may think, TaoTao 110cc ATVs did not inch their way into the off-roading landscape simply because of their low price point. Like any other Chinese-made quads, TaoTao wheelers are feature-rich machines with all the safety features kids would need as they embark on a journey to off-roading and drag racing. Big-name brands provide quality, durability, and a solid platform for practice – and the TaoTao ATV does so, too.

Introduced to the public in the past half-decade, the TaoTao 110cc ATV had a total of five models and approximately 11 trims released in the market, as follows:

  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110B
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 B1
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 B3
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 H1
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 H4

All these models boasted an automatic transmission with reverse, full suspension, a multitude of color options, and tons of safety features parents would love. They had bike-like handlebars that provide the young rider good control of the quad. The rear rack offered an 11-lb (5 Kg) carrying capacity – great for snacks and some protective gear. Full floorboards allowed for sure footing while riding on bumpy or wooded trails.

TaoTao 110cc ATV Specs & Features


The Tao Tao 110 ATV is brought to life by a four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. Engine displacement is 107 cm3, and the bore-stroke ratio is 52.4 x 49.5 mm (2.06 x 1.95 inches) with a compression ratio of 9.5:1. The air-fuel mixture is handled by a 19-mm PZ19 carburetor and 35-mm fully adjustable air filter. Fuel tank capacity is 2.3 Liters/0.60 US gallons.

Recommended fuel is unleaded gasoline with a PON rating of 87+ or RON rating of 91+, while oil would be 15W-40 standard motor oil, like Valvoline VV70506-05 Premium Blue 15W40 Motor Oil (view on Amazon).


Power travels to the wheels via an automatic transmission with neutral and reverse and a centrifugal clutch assembly. Its foot-operated chain drive has a maximum torque of 6.5 ft-lb (8.8 Nm @ 6,000 RPM) and marketed top speed of 33 mph. It comes with an adjustable speed limiter that slows down the machine by turning the adjustment screw clockwise and increases the top speed by doing the reverse.


The TaoTao 110 is powered by an electronic CDI ignition with an auxiliary pull-start system. An AC-Magneto alternator powers up electronic accessories. The wheeler requires a 12V 4Ah 70-CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) 5L-BS battery with assembled dimensions of 4.49 x 4.21 x 2.76 inches (114 x 107 x 70 mm – L x W x H) – excluding wiring harness and mounting accessories. It requires an NST A7RTC or an NGK CR6HSA spark plug with a 0.024- to 0.028-inch (0.06-0.085 mm) gap.


Tubeless valved 14.5 x 7-6 front and rear tires with textured tread are mounted on steel rims and enable this youth ATV to navigate diverse terrain, making it beginner-friendly. Tire pressure should be 34.47 kPa (0.35 kg/cm², 5 psi). 68.95 kPa (0.70 kg/cm², 10 psi) should be the maximum pressure when seating the tire beads. When airing down your knobbies, never go below 13.79 kPa (0.14 kg/cm², 2 psi). Replace stock rubber with Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tires (view on Amazon) in case of wear and tear.


This four-wheeler is equipped with hand-operated front mechanical drum brakes and foot-operated rear hydraulic disc brakes – unlike the brake setup for most ATVs with hydraulic disc brakes found at the front and mechanically sealed drums placed at the back.


The TaoTao 110cc ATV features 10.8-inch front shock absorbers and 9.6-inch rear shocks without rebound damping. You may find stock front suspension to be too long for the vehicle (and too stiff for young riders despite being on the softest setting). In this case, replace them with shorter shocks for the quad to operate correctly and prevent the shock from slamming or jumping back to its stock position.

While there is nothing documented in the service manual, you can determine the optimal shock length you need with a bit of testing. Do this by placing the front end of your wheeler on a jack stand and removing one of the shocks (keep the wheel in place).

Next, see if bump steer exists by cycling the wheel up and down through the range (this is the paramount issue that needs addressing). If it does, select shocks that allow the wheel to travel up and down without turning left or right spontaneously.


The quad’s overall dimensions are 45.7 × 28 × 33.3 inches (1,160 x 711 x 845 mm – L x W x H). Conversely, carton dimensions are 45.5 x 27.2 x 24 inches (1,155 x 690 x 610 mm – L x W x H). The vehicle wheelbase is 31.5 inches (800 mm), while its seat height is 24.4 inches (620 mm). Gross weight is between 205 and 225 lbs (93-102 Kg), depending on the ATV model. The maximum loading capacity is 132 lbs (60 Kg).


The TaoTao 110cc comprises a tubular steel frame and plastic body material (in Pink Camo, Yellow Camo, Green Camo, Black, Burgundy Red, blue, Red Spider, Black Spider, Pink Spider, and Blue Spider). All models feature modern aesthetics and an 11-lb-capacity rear utility rack.

The fuel tank is under the driver’s seat. The front brake and throttle levers, speed limiter, parking brake button, and lanyard are on the right handlebar, while the main and start/stop switches are on the left.

How Much It Costs

The list price of a TaoTao 110 ATV ranges from $799 to $1,099, depending on the seller, trim, and whether the quad is delivered fully assembled. This amount generally does not include shipping fees, liftgate service, and product warranty – although other reseller sites like TX Powersports already include shipping expenses in the four-wheeler’s resale price.

Buyers can even get more savings by purchasing more than one unit. Layaway and finance plans are also available for consumers who cannot pay the full cost of the wheeler upfront.

TaoTao 110cc ATV Starting Issues

Based on most (if not all) Chinese ATV forums, the main complaint about the Tao Tao 110 ATV has to do with no spark, starting, or idling issues. And TaoTao owners could not agree more. Like full-sized ATVs, starting problems with kiddie quads typically indicate plugged fuel lines or a dirty carburetor.

It is not necessarily a standard problem for Chinese wheelers. But for buyers of secondhand units, this is something to be expected, especially if the vehicle has had multiple previous owners.

Since the TaoTao ATV has a fully automatic transmission, you can skip checking on the choke position. However, compression and voltage tests, spark plug inspection, and CDI box/wiring diagram checks are still required.

Part of what you need to inspect should be ensuring that exciter coils are producing a lot more volts and black/white kill wires are earthed with the correct switches. Rule out a potentially defective trigger coil or CDI box by swapping either one out with a working unit.

In some cases, the stator cover may need to be removed to see if there is a wire cut in half. Repairing this usually gets your quad’s spark back and takes care of starting issues. Other times, a simple gasket replacement or fuel change does the trick.

Owners often forget that the TaoTao 110cc ATV is a bit picky with fuel and ethanol-added variants (with sulfuric content) lead to a clogged carb and an adverse reaction with TaoTao 110cc ATV parts having brass and aluminum components. A fuel stabilizer helps mitigate damaging effects. But the right type of fuel always works best.

Other Minor Problems Worth Addressing

  1. The quad’s wireless key fob drains the battery non-stop, even when the engine is turned off. Installing a battery-off switch in the wheeler will prevent battery drain when the vehicle is not in use.
  2. Normally, the entire right panel and footwell have to be removed to access the engine oil. For convenience, you may create a hole through the lower part of the right body panel to check the oil without taking off many exterior components.
  3. It is worth going overall nuts and bolts of the ATV and applying Loctite where applicable, as some owners reported that this was missing when they inspected the quad. Note that this is one of the potential causes for the engine to bog up or die intermittently.

Accelerating the TaoTao 110 ATV

The TaoTao 110cc ATV top speed is 33 mph (53.1 km/h) and could be lowered further, depending on how young the rider is. This speed perfectly fits youngsters and first-timers. But for those who find the quad’s top-end lacking, here are some things to try to help increase it:

Higher Grade Fuel

Many experienced owners advise upgrading to a higher fuel rating in moderation so as not to blow up the engine right away. Going one to two fuel-grade points each time is fine – for example, going from 85 to 87 instead of jumping straight into a PON rating of 91. Additionally, researching the fuel composition is also recommended, as some higher-grade variants may have additives that are harmful to your ATV.

Fan and Alcohol Injection

These components comprise a more unorthodox approach but are guaranteed to increase your TaoTao 110’s top speed. The fan makes for forced induction, while the alcohol injection for more combustion. When put together, more airflow and combustion mean more power.

Free-Flowing Exhaust System

Porting the head, having a good cold air intake, and taking the exhaust system out are also sure-fire ways to wake up your quad’s powerplant. The biggest challenge with these is that you may not find many aftermarket parts to accomplish this job since 110cc ATVs were designed initially for kids or younger riders.

Other Upgrades

Taking off useless or unnecessary parts from your 4×4 reduces aerodynamic drag and helps improve top speed. Not so much so on a straightaway, but this will be evident when going uphill. Pair that with new shocks for better bump absorption, and you are certain to go faster off-road. Complete the setup with new tires and wheels (these also improve your vehicle’s handling characteristics), new clutching, a larger carburetor, and different gearing – and you are all set.

About Tao Motor

Tao Motor – the maker of TaoTao 110cc ATV – is a subsidiary of Taotao Vehicles Company Ltd. It is a premier Chinese motorsports vehicle manufacturer that produces all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, go-karts, scooters, and electric vehicles.

This firm has earned itself a reputation for producing quality ATVs at family-affordable prices and has several warehouses in Indiana, Georgia, California, and Canada. Tao Motor has followed through with its commitment – to provide families a means to revel in the outdoors on value motorsports vehicles. Today, Tao Motor continues to develop and expand its product line and services.

Conclusion – TaoTao 110cc ATV Review

TaoTao 110cc ATV reviews are largely positive, and that is what is great about this vehicle. Given its price point, it surprisingly delivers on quality, features, and capabilities. It has a sleek, sporty design, is beginner-friendly yet versatile, and is one of the few youth ATVs that can boast of a California Green Sticker. It rides great on trails, tracks, and dunes.

Installation and repair are not as difficult as counterparts – thanks to its huge community and aftermarket support. It is an off-road vehicle youngsters can learn from without hurting their wallets so much.

So, the question remains – does this Chinese ATV live up to its reputation? I would say yes – it does!