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Off Road & ATV Riding in Palm Springs, CA (Rentals & Tours)

With its incredible scenery, fantastic year-round weather, and proximity to many other attractions and tourist destinations, Palm Springs, CA, also makes a perfect place to go off-road riding. ATV riding in Palm Springs will be quite different from the more rustic mountain destinations in other states, but it offers lots of desert riding and spectacular adventures for groups or families alike.

What are the best tours and rentals for ATV riding in Palm Springs? Depending on what you’re planning to do, there are lots of choices. Here is what we’d recommend:

ATV rentals in Palm Springs

  • Happy Trails Rental
  • E&E ATV and UTV Rentals
  • Steve’s ATV Rentals
  • Off Road Rentals
  • Socal Offroad Rentals

Palm Springs ATV tours

  • Enjoy the Mountain (rental and tours)
  • Big Bear Jeep Experience
  • MC Adventure Rentals
  • Adventure Hummer Tours
  • Desert Adventure Red Jeep Tours

You’ll quickly notice that going off road in Palm Springs is not only lots of fun but also that there’s a huge offering of all-in-one shops that will let you rent an ATV and organize tours for you if you’re new to the area. Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask about the best routes and places to go at any ATV rental or shop, as the store owners will be more than happy to share their favorites.

Yellow ATV Desert Drive

ATV Rentals in Palm Springs

If you’re new to ATV riding or just haven’t been able to bring your own ride (you might have taken a flight to arrive in Palm Springs?), these stores will set you up with excellent quality off-road equipment and helpful advice, too.

Happy Trails Rental

You’ll find this aptly named shop in Lucerne Valley, CA, just north of Palm Springs and close to amazing outdoor destinations such as Big Bear Lake and San Giorgio Mountain. Open daily from 10 to 5, the team at Happy Rentals is great at advising about exploring the Mojave Desert and other local landmarks.

Vehicles are all in great condition and equipped with SPOT satellite trackers and GPS, so you should feel safe taking them into the wilderness. They also offer a range of self-guided GPS-powered tours where you can explore the area independently but with some help from the locals.

Finally, contact Happy Rentals to learn more about their private guided tours, designed to make the most of Johnson Valley OHV Park.

E&E ATV and UTV Rentals

E&E ATV and UTV Rentals are located near the 60 and 215 freeways in Moreno Valley, CA. They’re a family business run by a husband and wife team, established in 2019 and already gathering quite a fan base. Their shop is welcoming, full of choice, and an excellent option for top-of-the-range ATVs and UTVs to ride around Palm Springs.

E&E also focus on offering a great family experience, so you’ll find they have lots of safety kit and a range of vehicles to suit beginners, too. Speak to them in advance about finding the best trails and their personal recommendations, or check the website where they’ve listed some good links.

Steve’s ATV Rentals

For ATVs for all ages, there’s no better place to go than Steve’s ATV Rentals in Thermal, CA. They have a retail store for parts and accessories that’s open throughout the week, and the rental store is open for weekends from September to June. Helpfully splitting their fleet into beginner and sport ATVs, Steve’s ATV Rentals allow you to get the whole family out having some fun on the trails.

Moreover, the website has some great additional information like what to expect when you’re first riding an ATV and some safety and training tips that are useful regardless of your experience level. And, to top it all off, check out their blog for more interesting content, including top ATV trails to try out in the local area!

Off Road Rentals

Off Road Rentals in Palm Springs, CA, gets you raring to go from the great shots through the desert and tops it off with a great range of vehicles for the whole family.

This store is open year-round and provides hands-on instruction for first-time riders, as well as short rides for 30 minutes to give you a taste of ATV riding in Palm Springs.

Socal Offroad Rentals

Another great place for renting an ATV in the Palm Springs area, Socal Offroad Rentals, specializes in vehicle rental exclusively. They can also deliver vehicles to your location for a fee if you don’t want to go all the way to Perris, CA. Importantly, they also provide a trailer when you rent an ATV, which is crucial for getting your vehicle to the place you want to ride it.

All ATVs and UTVs available for rent can be taken out for the whole day and require a security deposit, which is standard procedure. And you’ll get helpful hints and tips from the staff before you head out for your off-road adventure.

Palm Springs ATV Tours

Red Off-Road Buggy Vehicles

In addition to renting an ATV and heading out into the unknown, many rental stores in Palm Springs offer their own guided tours or self-guided options with a GPS device. Here, we’ve selected some of the best tour companies (with or without ATV rental option).

Enjoy the Mountain (rental and tours)

This excellent ATV rental and tour company has several locations throughout California, with the nearest to Palm Springs being Lake Arrowhead. Operating under a permit from the San Bernardino National Forest, Enjoy the Mountain offers private adventures for groups of 4 ATVs, as well as straightforward rentals. You’ll also get the safety equipment, guide, and fuel included in the price when you book a tour.

Enjoy the Mountain is so popular because they have excellent vehicles and great offers to take new riders into amazing outdoor settings, which offer an unforgettable day out.

Big Bear Jeep Experience

Head to Big Bear Lake for a highly popular off-road riding experience with your own guide that shares information about the area and allows you to take in the environment around you. The Big Bear Jeep Experience offers Jeep tours with a small but great-quality fleet, reservations being essential to guarantee a spot.

We’ve included them in the list for all the fantastic customer feedback that puts them head and shoulders above any other tour company in the Palm Springs area, although they don’t offer ATV riding. Tours include beginner-level trips that only last 1.5 hours, as well as intermediate and advanced level tours where you’ll conquer significant elevation, rocky trails, steep climbs, and adrenaline-boosting descents.

MC Adventure Rentals

Off road rentals in Palm Springs usually mean going quite a long way from the city itself. Luckily, MC Adventure Rentals offers three locations, in Grand Terrace, Perris, and Lake Arrowhead, allowing you to be close to trailheads without having to travel for miles. They rent ATVs, side-by-sides, jet skis, boats, and RVs, so you can get your pick of adventure vehicles to suit your interests and your family’s abilities!

ATV rentals here offer a great range of vehicles, and there are even 2-hour guided tours available to explore the nearby mountain terrain. You can discover some fantastic trails just from their door and enjoy a wonderful day out, guided or on your own.

Adventure Hummer Tours

One of the highest-rated tour companies for ATV riding in Palm Springs bears mentioning here. Adventure Hummer Tours is based in Palm Springs and takes off-road enthusiasts on excellent guided tours. At the moment, they’re proposing a self-guided tour of Joshua Tree National Park, thanks to this audio guide curated by the team.

On better days, Adventure Hummer Tours are a great outfit right in the city for ATV riding in Palm Springs, taking groups out into the Joshua Tree National Park and beyond.

Desert Adventure Red Jeep Tours

Our final pick for off road riding in Palm Springs is another Jeep tour company, operating since 1988 in the greater Palm Springs area and offering a range of adventures and days out of the whole family. The signature red Jeeps explore the San Andreas Fault, the Indian Canyons, and more.

Other tours available through the company also include some incredible hiking tours with a guide, where you’ll be taken to the destination by Jeep and then get to explore the desert on foot. They also offer a few tours with lunch options for those interested in outdoor exploration at a more relaxed pace.

Getting the Full Off-Road Experience in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Mountains

Riding off-road in Palm Springs is all about exploring mountains and deserts and immersing yourself in fantastic wilderness sceneries. Choose to head to one of the off-road rentals in Palm Springs for an ATV or Jeep, or head out on your own and sign up for a Palm Springs ATV tour. There are so many choices available in southern California to suit all ages, interests, and abilities. Take your pick and head out to explore the Californian wilderness!