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Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park: Guide and Review

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park is known for its beautiful trails and enthusiastic off-roading community. To many, it is the best off-road park in the state due to its ability to accommodate all vehicle types. It’s also a perfect spot for families who want to splash in the mud for an unforgettable weekend escapade.

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park in New York offers almost every outdoor activity imaginable. From rock climbing to extreme off-road mud bogging, there’s plenty to do. Mettowee is also a well-known venue for competitive events. Trail riding and obstacle courses here are always a blast!

This family-friendly ATV Park features trails with lots of shade, loose dirt, steep hills, rock gardens, and a little dust. But there’s a lot more to this off-road park than just terrain. We’ll discuss mudding events, guidelines, and what makes Mettowee one of the best off road parks in NY!

Dirty Truck in a Mud Bog

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park Activities

This New York off roading park is considered the best place to go in New York for some four-wheel-drive action. This park offers various outdoor activities, such as:

  • Steep rock crawling
  • Trail exploration
  • Mud bogging
  • Log obstacles
  • Oval-track racing
  • Competition events
  • Hill n’ Hole Pit
  • Truck pulls on a Tug a Truck pad

All of these activities range from beginner to expert level. The park welcomes all 4×4 vehicles – Jeeps, OHVs, trucks/SUVs, and ATVs/UTVs.

Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine has rated the park 10/10 in its December issue. With this knowledge, you know you are guaranteed fun times and exhilarating trails when you visit. You do not need to schedule appointments online as it is a cash-only business that currently operates on weekends. However, you can call the owners ahead of time to advise when you plan to come to the park.

Mud Haven

Any time of the year is great, but the best time to visit is when it rains. Daily thunderstorms make the trails slick, and minor climbs more arduous than they would typically be. These conditions make for an exciting riding experience that also tests you and your vehicle’s off-roading capabilities.

If you’re not a fan of slippery surfaces, visit the park between March and August. During these months, the place turns into a dusty, rock-crawling paradise. Don’t underestimate the trails and obstacles when the terrain is dry. Even without rain, some sections have steep inclines and rock formations that prove challenging even for the advanced driver.

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park Hours

This extreme ATV Park is usually open for business on weekends and by appointment on weekdays. Gates open Saturdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and Sundays from 8 AM to 6 PM every week. There are plenty of wheeled activities and grand mud bog events for everyone to enjoy.

Safety First

There are several safety guidelines to ensure all guests get the most out of Mettowee. Although drinking alcohol while inside the premises is allowed, it is strictly for adult guests (21 years old and up).

Helmets are required, and whip flags are recommended. There should also be proper seating and restraint for all passengers of any motorized vehicle. For pet lovers, you can bring them to the park as long as they are not aggressive towards people.

Glass containers are not allowed on the property. Glassware can damage other customers’ tires and equipment, and be dangerous for others on the property. Any glass containers will be confiscated, so leave those glass bottles at home.

Mettowee Offroad Extreme Park Events

The annual Sling Fling Mud Fest is perhaps the most popular event held in Mettowee Extreme Off Road Park. It is always such a success. During one particular year, Mettowee registered 2,903 guests! This mud fest usually lasts 2-3 days and features off-road vehicles of all kinds. These include monster trucks to mini bikes and mud pits of varying size and depth. Also, dozens of off-road trails, and an insurmountable giant dirt funnel for dirt bikes and four-wheelers. You would also find rock climbing trenches, truck Tug of War, and more.

During this mud fest, most of the obstacles and courses are open to anyone who pays and signs the waiver. Participants can dive into the mud pits or go trail riding as much as they wish. For this reason, the owners started to control traffic to prevent any confusion with entering, parking, and exiting the premises.

Off-Road Vehicle 4x4 Mud

There is ample space for spectators to sit back and watch. Different kinds of vendors and food concessionaires are also available if you crave refreshments. There are also cool accessories to check out. If you get tired of watching participants get soaked in mud, there are areas where you can take a stroll.

Public’s Opinion

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park has come a long way from receiving a lot of unwanted attention in the past. They religiously follow guidelines recommended by the state of New York and its Board of Health. Since this is a family-run business, the park owners are also exceptionally hands-on. They openly communicate with park visitors, and, as much as possible, keep them up-to-date with schedule changes and other important information.

Inevitably, the park and its owners have their share of naysayers and public backlash. As with any other OHV/ORV park located near residential areas, some people are against guests who enjoy playing in the mud and test-driving their home-made projects on the off road Extreme property. 

Local authorities are against the dirtying of the city’s roadways after hosting mud fests at the park. There were also instances where Mettowee was cited for violating city rules in their campgrounds and permitting underage drinking.

There would be occasions where the owners would post open letters on their FB page airing out their concerns and addressing their customers’ issues and non-compliance with the park rules. In a published article on dated March 18, 2016, owner Ralph Jameson II had to close down the park for the rest of the season, simply because people did not know how to follow the rules.

Off-Road Reminders

Over the years, Mettowee has experienced hijinks because of trespassers and stubborn off-roaders who frequented the park. As a result, the owners have become stricter and more disciplined in enforcing park guidelines with guests and tourists. Below are some of the rules that all visitors will need to follow:

  • The owners have new vehicle tags wherein they will be asking for your photo as part of the information you need to provide when you bring a vehicle in to ride.
  • Don’t park along the sides of the town road to avoid your vehicle getting towed away. If you’re worried about parking within the property, carpooling is a great idea.
  • NEVER cross the three-ton bridge if your vehicle weighs near three tons or more. You can find a slightly longer roundabout way along Route 12 to get to the park if you cannot cross the bridge. If you attempt to disregard the signpost, then expect to be ticketed. 
  • Schoony’s is a fantastic option for those interested in ordering takeout while in Extreme Park. 
  • This little country market does free delivery to the front gate and has a wide selection of fried foods, pizza, and sandwiches. Park owners highly recommend them. 
  • There is a requirement for a spark-arresting exhaust silencer or end cap for all motorized vehicles. This is to keep the noise down from causing inconvenience to the neighbors. Whip flags are, likewise, recommended for safety. 
  • Practice Carry In, Carry Out, or Clean As You Go inside the Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park. 
  • Designated barrels for disposing of empty beverage containers are near the port-a-potties. You should make use of these appropriately.
  • Thoroughly wash your vehicle if covered in mud and dirt before leaving the premises. Be considerate as the town does not appreciate seeing their roadways covered in mud. Should you need assistance cleaning your vehicle, stop by the front gate and ask for the owners’ help.

Conquering Terrain at Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park

A lot of changes have happened to Mettowee since it opened a decade ago. What was once a mud bog has evolved into a park with intriguing trails and tricky challenges. Fishing and camping, which were once among the activities you can do on the property, are no longer permitted. But despite these, Mettowee is still dearly loved by enthusiasts and is continuously deemed a worthy venue for off roading in NY.

Whether you’re starting out or an advanced rider, or even a spectator who wants to immerse in the off-road culture, this place is designed especially for you.