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Jeep Compass: Reset Oil Change Light (4 Steps)

With the Jeep Compass, you may sometimes run into your oil service maintenance light being on. This situation does happen frequently and is not something to be afraid of. It is just your vehicle’s way of telling you that an upcoming oil change is due.

However, there are instances where your service light could display right after an oil change or in between oil changes. Reset your oil change indicator when this happens.

Resetting the oil change light on your Jeep Compass is pretty straightforward. Only four steps are involved – shift into Park, put your Jeep into the ON/RUN position, press the gas pedal three times, and verify if the reset was successful. You can also do the procedure via the instrument cluster.

Some forums suggest pressing the “Mileage” button to reset the oil change indicator. But the more fool-proof way is to follow the OEM-recommended steps below:

  1. Shift to the Park/P position.
  2. Put your Jeep Compass into the ON/RUN position.
  3. Depress the gas pedal three times.
  4. Switch to the off/lock position.

Apart from a flashing oil change light, strange engine sounds, unusual smoke from the exhaust, and dark, gritty oil are other signs that signify the need to do an oil change. But for the benefit of this article, we will focus on the oil change indicator system and how to reset the “Oil change required” message.

How to Do a Jeep Compass Oil Change Reset

Grey Jeep Compass Front View

Your Jeep Compass has an engine oil change indicator system – a software-based system that accounts for mileage and other factors affecting oil quality (more on this later). The “Oil change due” or “Oil change required” message will flash in the instrument cluster (or EVIC) display for approximately 5 – 10 seconds (some online sources indicate 12 seconds) after one chime occurs to show the next oil change interval.

Since the oil change indicator system is duty-cycle based, it largely depends on personal driving style and may suggest fluctuating oil change intervals. You can temporarily clear the “Oil change required” message by pressing and releasing the trip odometer button on the instrument cluster. But as soon as you have performed the required oil change on your Jeep Compass, follow the below steps:

For All Modes

1. Shift the gear to the Park/P position. 

Do not forget to close all doors of your vehicle before doing this.

2. Put your Jeep Compass into the ON/RUN position. 

Without pressing the brake pedal, turn off your vehicle by pushing the engine start/stop button and cycling the ignition to the on/run position (do not start the engine as you do this).

3. Depress the gas pedal three times. 

Fully press the accelerator pedal but do it slowly for three consecutive times within ten seconds.

4. Place the ignition in the off/lock position. 

After which, turn the ignition off and start the engine to verify the oil change indicator has been successfully reset.

Via the instrument cluster display:

  • Turn off the engine of your Jeep Compass. Then, without starting the engine, turn the ignition switch on.
  • On the instrument display, change the selection to “Vehicle Info” by using the arrows found on the steering wheel.
  • Next, find the “Oil Life” option and select it.
  • Lastly, press and hold the “OK” button. Doing so will reset the oil change indicator and put the “Oil Life” gauge back to 100%.

The indicator message should not illuminate when you start your Jeep after performing these steps. Otherwise, the oil change indicator system did not reset. If so, repeat the procedure until the Jeep Compass “Oil change required” message clears.

Furthermore, note that these steps only work for 2nd generation Jeep Compass models (2016 – 2022). For any incarnation outside these production years, refer to your owner’s manual for specifics on how to reset the Jeep Compass oil change light.

What Is an Engine Oil Change Indicator System?

Also referred to as an oil life indicator or oil life monitor, this system takes the guesswork out of determining whether your engine oil has already “outlived its usefulness “or is still good for your four-wheeler. Depending on a vehicle’s make and model, the oil change indicator system could either be algorithm-based or direct measurement. The engine oil-change indicator system is algorithm-driven with the Jeep Compass and other Jeep labels.

This type of oil monitor measures several factors – including but not limited to accumulated mileage, temperature variations, driving conditions, and engine performance – and communicates these data to the 4×4’s PCM or Powertrain Control Module. By doing this, the indicator system can predict engine oil’s quality and remaining shelf life before needing replacement without using sensors.

Conversely, a direct measurement oil change indicator system utilizes sensors to “measure” the condition of engine oil and determine its longevity. To do this, the system includes the following in its measurement technique:

  • Conductivity
  • Mechanical properties
  • Soot concentration
  • Presence of water

Once all these are calculated, the resulting information displays as a digital readout on a car’s instrument cluster. It could appear as a green, yellow, or red status bar, a percentage, or a warning message.

What Engine Oil Types Last Longer Than Others?

Based on a report by the state of California and DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances Control), high-quality motor oils paired with high-efficiency oil filters effectively protect engines from wear and tear and help extend oil change intervals. More specifically, engine oils (semi or full-synthetic variants) with higher amounts of additives add to the longevity of engine oil. Thankfully, Jeep Compass oil types – SAE 0W-20 full-synthetic motor oils, to be exact – fall under this category.

How Often Do Jeeps Need Oil Changes?

Black Jeep Compass Front

Despite having an oil change indicator system in your Jeep Compass (or any Jeep model for that matter), there is no perfect rule of thumb for oil changes. This is due to the many variables that affect engine oil life. Heeding the warning message coming from your Jeep’s oil life monitor is a good place to start. You may notice that your oil change intervals happen sooner than what the indicator system recommends.

Driving conditions (and your driving habits) are among the many variables that could hasten or prolong your oil change schedule. The table below shows the impact of such variables on oil life better:

Conclusion – Jeep Compass: Reset Oil Change Light (4 Steps)

In summary, here are the four steps on how to reset the oil change light in a Jeep Compass:

  1. Shift to the Park/P position.
  2. Put your Jeep Compass into the ON/RUN position.
  3. Depress the gas pedal three times.
  4. Switch to the off/lock position.

Following this procedure should make resetting the engine oil-change indicator system in your vehicle a piece of cake. Moreover, it should help you address unnecessary service light triggers when they happen. However, remember to use the engine oil-change indicator system of your Jeep Compass only as a guide.

Proper vehicle maintenance and adherence to OEM timetables are still your best defenses against premature deterioration of engine components and of your vehicle.