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Do Jeep Wranglers Last Long? (Full Review)

Available in two or four doors, soft-top or hardtop, and three different trims, namely Rubicon, Sahara, and Sport, the Jeep Wrangler continues to be one of the most popular models for on- and off-road driving. They are said to be efficient and durable even during blizzards, typhoons, thunderstorms, floods, and more. However, with a few bad ratings and reviews it received, some people wonder and ask, “Do Jeep Wranglers last long?

So, do Jeep Wranglers last long? The maximum lifespan or the extended life of Jeep Wranglers has been proven for years, but as similar to other vehicles, they aren’t free from issues. They can or cannot last long, depending on the many factors that can affect their overall performance and safety.

That said, there are many ways on how to determine whether or not, on average, the Jeep Wrangler will last long. Understanding each one will help you decide if it’s worth investing in a brand-new or used unit. Likewise, it is also essential to know how to maintain a Wrangler to ensure its longevity or extend its life.

How Long Do Jeep Wranglers Last?

Estimating how long a Jeep Wrangler can last isn’t as easy as it seems because, as mentioned, several factors come into play. Nonetheless, we can base it on previous data released by users, experts, and third-party testers.

Sitting on a Jeep Wrangler at Sunrise

Based on Miles

Like any other vehicle out there, we can estimate the lifespan of Jeep Wranglers by asking and answering one question: “How many miles can a Jeep Wrangler last?” That is the possible maximum miles wherein the Wrangler can still function properly and safely.

Generally, old and new models of Jeep Wranglers can last from 100,000 to 400,00 miles, depending on how well the user maintained the unit. As per the number of years that you can use the vehicle based on the miles, it is quite hard to determine. That is because how long one can achieve certain miles will depend on how often the owner used it and if they used it for long- or short-distance driving.

Based on Reliability Scores

The Jeep Wrangler’s or any vehicle’s reliability score given by third-party institutions like Consumer Reports and Reliability Index usually depends on received complaints from users. These complaints can be either experienced issues while driving, frequency of repairs and maintenance, or both.

Unfortunately, some Jeep Wrangler models have low-reliability ratings, but this is mostly because of the frequency of maintenance. The most common problems reported are leaks, brake and electronics issues, and strange noises. Of course, the famous death wobble observed in almost all off-road vehicles also tops the list of reported problems.

With that in mind, as similar to data on how many miles can a Jeep Wrangler last, it is also difficult to approximate the vehicle’s lifespan by just basing it on reliability reports. That is because how often issues arise can sometimes be due to how owners take care and use their Wranglers.

New Dark Gray Jeep Wrangler Recon in Lot

Based on the Brand Name

A brand name’s reputation almost always equates to the product’s longevity, and cars are no different. Jeep is one of the most well-renowned names in the vehicle industry because of its wide range of 4WD units and the production of durable and reliable vehicles used exclusively by the military during WWII and beyond.

Some designing and manufacturing guidelines remained to ensure the units stay as beastly as they can, especially when used off-road. Regarding the Wrangler, it is a larger and more comfortable modification of the powerful Jeep Willy MB, a military-type vehicle.

From those facts, we can say that when all the right factors are met, the Wrangler can last a long time. The offered warranty by the manufacturer, ranging from two to five years, further supports the unit’s longevity and reliability.

Based on Driving Practices

Whether you need an answer to “Do Jeep Wranglers last long?” or “Do Jeeps last long?“, your vehicle’s lifespan will depend on how you drive the unit. Normal driving is when the Wrangler is driven without frequent stops and go’s.

On the other hand, heavy driving can mean driving during severe weather conditions and heavy traffic conditions wherein you need to stop and go frequently. Heavy driving also means using your Wrangler to carry and tow heavy loads most of the time. Although Wranglers are powerful, these situations can put a lot of strain on the engine.

If your Wrangler experiences heavy driving more than normal driving, you wouldn’t expect it to last long unless it undergoes customized, more refined, and more frequent maintenance.

Muddy Black Jeep Wrangler with Texas License Plate

How Do You Maintain a Jeep Wrangler?

Wherever you base the answer to how long do Jeep Wranglers last, proper maintenance always plays a significant role. The good thing regarding this unit is that it doesn’t require high maintenance since only a few parts wear out easily. Furthermore, most of the parts wear out because of what the car goes through when used off-road.o

With that said, whether you already own a Jeep Wrangler or planning to buy a brand-new or second-hand unit, the following maintenance tips will prove to be helpful:

Regular Visit to the Service Center

Your new car will always come with an owner’s or user’s manual that indicates when you need to bring it for maintenance. You will also sometimes find it written on a sticker on your car’s door. You must keep track of these dates or miles to ensure regular oil change, check-up, fine-tuning, and more. Not doing so may not only make your car prone to problems but might also cause the non-validity of your car’s warranty.

Check Parts Prone to Regular Wear and Tear

Although it’s important to check your Jeep Wrangler from top to bottom, some parts require more and regular attention, plus might need frequent replacement. These parts should also top your list when inspecting a second-hand Wrangler that you’re planning to buy.

Suspension System

Each time you hear the question “Do Jeeps last long?“, you’ll always get answers related to suspension problems. That is because the Wrangler’s and almost all off-road vehicles’ suspension system can flatten out faster than other cars. Remember, this part plays a significant role in traction and keeping the wheels on the ground, which is necessary when driving on most off-road terrains.


As another part of the Jeep Wrangler mostly exposed to environmental elements and rough terrains, regular inspection of the tires is critical. Tires usually require replacement once the mileage reaches its first 40,000, but this will depend on where you’ve driven your car.

It would be best to check for the presence of thread bars, which are significant indicators that the tires are approaching the end of their lives. Don’t wait until you feel the tires losing grip since this can pose a danger both on-road and off-road.


How quick the brakes wear out will depend on the kind of terrain you drive your Wrangler and how frequently you use it on smooth and rough terrain. Likewise, the rear brake pads usually wear down more quickly than the front brakes, which is true for new and old cars.

Generally, you expect the brake pads to start wearing down once your car reaches 40,000 miles. However, once you hear a squeaky or unusual noise each time you step on the brake, the vehicle pulls to one side when it stops, and the brake pedal pushes all the way through when you step on it, then you should have the brake pads replaced. You can also consider a performance upgrade by purchasing a Power Stop K2798 Front and Rear Brake Kit (view on Amazon) and having it installed by a professional.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers usually have four to five years of lifespan, but this depends on how often you use your Wrangler. Most owners and experts recommend that these parts be checked when the mileage reaches its first 40,000, followed by an annual check. Also, as similar to the brakes, it is better to have them upgraded once they require replacement.

Soft Top

If you have a soft-top Wrangler, you must keep in mind that this can wear down after years of usage since it is made with sailcloth vinyl. Sunlight, hail, rain, and snow can deteriorate the material, so you must park your car in a covered area or use an all-weather car cover.

You must also wash it properly by bringing it to a specialist and the right car wash center. You can also do the cleaning yourself, as long you know the right tools and solutions to use.

Checking the soft-top for any tears is also important. For minor tears, you can fix them using a convertible or soft top repair kit, while for larger tears, it would be best to buy a new soft top (view on Amazon) for your Wrangler. Nonetheless, you can consider bringing the soft top to a professional to have the tears fixed.

White Jeep Wrangler Rubicon SUV

Check for Any Rust

Parts rusting is common because of the vehicle’s exposure to rain, mud, snow, and puddles. That is especially true for off-road cars like the Wrangler because you can drive them on rivers, floods, and more. Regularly checking the unit from the inside out for rusts will ensure the rusty parts get repaired and replaced as soon as possible, preventing further damage.

Always Use the Right Oil

Any car owner must know how to change their car’s oil not only to save money but also to make sure you’re prepared in cases of emergencies. Remember that every motor oil is different, and using the wrong oil type will affect your car’s optimal performance. Thus, you must know what oil is compatible with your Jeep Wrangler’s engine.

Do Jeep Wranglers Last Long?

In conclusion, from Jeep’s reputation and how the Wrangler was built, we can say that it can last long. The high on- and off-road presence of old and new Wrangler models also says a lot about its longevity and reliability. It has received bad reliability ratings and comes with problems, especially after years of usage, but this is common for all vehicles.

You must also note that how long the Wrangler lasts doesn’t only depend on its built alone but mostly depends on how well you take care of it. Cleaning and inspecting it from top to bottom, making sure you’re on track on the maintenance schedule, and having the almost damaged or worn-out parts repaired or replaced immediately will ensure your Wrangler lasts as expected or even longer.

Also, even if the manufacturer built the unit with capabilities to traverse difficult terrains and carry heavy loads, always make sure you give it the right care it deserves. Lastly, with the help of professionals, you can always upgrade your Wrangler to make it more powerful and longer-lasting than usual.