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How to Fix Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth technology made it possible for us to stream music from our phone or tablet to our car, unlock and lock our car doors even without the keys, and answer calls hands-free. Jeep Wrangler, specifically, has the Uconnect System, but as similar to any technology, you may also face connectivity issues. Thus, you must learn how to fix Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth problems for you to enjoy the convenience it offers.

So, how to fix Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth problems? Troubleshooting Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth issues are no different from fixing any Bluetooth-enabled device problems. Usually, you can tweak on your gadget or Uconnect, while some recommended solutions will depend on the cause of the issue.

To make things clearer and to equip yourself with enough knowledge on how to resolve your Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth connectivity or pairing issues, below, you will find tried-and-tested recommendations from users and experts alike. You wouldn’t need any special technical and technological skills and knowledge to perform any of the solutions since most of them are straightforward and can be done as long as you’ve read and familiarized yourself with your Uconnect and gadget’s user manuals.

Jeep Bluetooth Not Working

When you experience issues with your Jeep Wrangler’s Bluetooth connectivity, your initial thought is the hassle of calling Uconnect or Jeep customer service. What’s more daunting is when you need to bring the unit to the service center, just in case the issue isn’t resolved.

Before stressing out and making calls, look into the following common problems and practical solutions that might just save you time.

I. Disconnection

Black Jeep Wrangler on Grass

One of the common problems with Bluetooth, in general, is disconnection even though you’ve already successfully paired the two devices. There are a lot of causes as to why this happens, including:

1. Presence of Interference

Nowadays, many analog and digital noises surround our lives, and they can bleed over to cause interference even though they don’t transmit wirelessly. That is especially since Bluetooth works in the unlicensed part of the radio spectrum.

Here are the common causes of Bluetooth connectivity interference:

  • USB 3.0 and WiFi

Although less common in cars than in your office and home, USB 3.0 can cause Bluetooth connectivity problems because they both use the 2.4GHz spectrum. The usual source will be your laptop sitting on your Jeep Wrangler’s passenger seat.

Most, if not all, buildings now have WiFi networks since it became one of our basic necessities. Even our phones and tablets can become a mobile or portable hotspot so that we can connect to the internet anytime, anywhere. The problem is that this might unpair your main unit’s Bluetooth to your gadget’s Bluetooth.


The source of interference might be inside your car itself or outside. Thus, to resolve this issue, you can drive away from the source or remove the intervening device by putting it a little further away from your gadget and infotainment system.

You may also choose to pair your gadget with the infotainment system while you’re still at home or the office. Bear in mind, however, that this will not assure you that you won’t get disconnected from Bluetooth if you encounter any interference while driving.

  • Other 2.4GHz Electronic Devices

As mentioned, Bluetooth technology uses the 2.4GHz spectrum, so any device that works around the same spectrum might interfere with your connection. Unfortunately, your car might be full of these devices.


The best way to minimize or eliminate Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth problems caused by these electronic devices is to connect to Bluetooth while your vehicle is in Park mode and/or accessories such as inverters are unplugged.

2. Low Phone Battery

Your gadget and infotainment system work together so that you can maximize the use of your Jeep Wrangler’s Uconnect through Bluetooth technology. As similar to data, though, Bluetooth can eat up your gadget’s battery faster than usual. This is most especially true when you are streaming music from your gadget to your car’s infotainment system.

Most of the time, especially with new models of smartphones, your phone will enter into a power-saving mode once it detects that it is running out of battery life. In this mode, usually, Bluetooth switches off automatically to save battery for more important functions.


Although this is a no-brainer, the best way to get around this problem is to charge your gadget fully before leaving the house or office. You may also leave it charging in your car while connected to Bluetooth.

Another solution is to have a spare battery, especially if you’re traveling long-distance, like going out of town to have a snowmobile adventure with your dog. Once your phone’s battery is ready, just reconnect back to Bluetooth, and you’re good to go!

3. Distance and Obstruction

Remember that proximity is essential for Bluetooth to work. The paired devices must not be as far as approximately 30 feet so that they can find each other. In the presence of obstructions, though, the workable distance decreases, so you should be mindful of this.


If you’re in your car, and you placed your Bluetooth-enabled gadget in your pocket, Jeep storage bag (Check Amazon for Price), purse, dashboard drawer, or somewhere else, bring it out and remove any obstructions and just reconnect. It would also be best to have a phone or gadget holder mounted on your dashboard so that you have an obstruction-free, designated area for it.

On the other hand, if you’re outside and you want to lock or unlock your car doors using the app, make sure you’re not too far from your vehicle.

II. Inability to Pair With or Recognize the Other Device

Red Jeep Wrangler SUV

Another problem that you might encounter is your Jeep Wrangler’s Uconnect or gadget not recognizing the other device. You may suddenly also have issues pairing the two devices. Here are some of the things that you can do to resolve the issue:

1. Set to “Discoverable

Most of the time, your device and vehicle cannot recognize each other because the Bluetooth settings of one of the devices or both aren’t set to “Discoverable.

To fix this issue, just go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone or Uconnect, and then set it to Discoverable. Wait for a while until the other device recognizes the device in Discoverable mode. If so, then start pairing!

2. Clear Bluetooth Pairing History

Much like your browser and WiFi network history, most of the time, you connect your gadget’s Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This may lead to the inability of your device to recognize Uconnect’s Bluetooth due to “information overload.”

The straightforward solution to this is to clear or delete your Bluetooth pairing history, including Uconnect. After this, try to pair the two units together.

For your convenience, here’s how to pair your gadget to your Wrangler’s Uconnect system:

  1. Switch on your smartphone and put your Jeep Wrangler in “Park” mode.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your gadget and car.
  3. Find and press the “Phone” image on your Uconnect screen, and then select “Yes.
  4. On your gadget’s settings or options, go to Bluetooth and check if it recognizes Uconnect or Wrangler. Press it to pair.
  5. Your Wrangler’s Uconnect screen will flash four digits, which will serve as a pairing PIN.
  6. Enter the provided PIN on your gadget and wait for them to pair successfully.
  7. If you succeeded, it is best to list your phone or gadget as a favorite so that Uconnect recognizes it quickly once you switch the Bluetooth on.

3. Restart Your Gadget

Most of the time, you can resolve the problem with pairing or non-recognition by simply restarting your gadget. Once you restarted your gadget, wait for a while and go to Bluetooth settings. Then, pair it with your Uconnect.

4. Soft Reset Uconnect

Your Jeep’s Uconnect might not have been updated; that’s why it’s having Bluetooth connectivity issues. Soft resetting will help update the system quickly.

To do so while sitting comfortably on your Jeep Wrangler’s water-resistant seat cover (Check Amazon for Price), switch on both your car (in “Park” mode) and infotainment system. Press and hold down the upper rightmost corner of your infotainment screen until it switches off. This usually takes around 10 to 17 seconds.

Once it switches off, remove your finger from the screen and wait for the Jeep logo to appear and then reappear. The Uconnect logo should appear next and lead you back to where you were before the reset, and say “Subscription Updating.” After that, try pairing the two devices again.

5. Hard Reset Uconnect

Just a word of precaution that hard resetting your Uconnect will restore all factory settings, which means that saved data such as navigation, pairing, and other personal settings will get deleted, so you would need to set them again. If that won’t be much of a problem for you, then you can proceed with this solution by following these steps:

  1. While your car is in run mode, press and hold the cold and hot buttons at the same time for about three or four seconds or until the “Engineering Menu,” where you can find several resetting options, appears.
  2. Scroll through the options and locate and press “Restart to Factory Default,” and then press Yes.
  3. You can start setting everything up again as if you have a new Uconnect System.

Conclusion – How to Fix Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth Problems?

If the provided solutions on how to fix Jeep Wrangler Bluetooth problems don’t work for you, then it’s about time to call Jeep’s or Uconnect’s customer service because the problem might be in the unit itself.

Good luck!