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Coleman CT200U Mini Bike (Specs and Review)

One of the Chinese-manufactured mini bikes that have successfully penetrated the North American market is the Coleman CT200U. Simple but robust, this wheeler reminds adventurers of the good old days of off-roading and the exhilaration that comes from a no-frills, pure-fun mini bike. Discover more exciting things about the CT200U through this guide.

The Coleman CT200U is among the crowd favorites when looking for a reliable off-roading mini bike. Featuring a sleek, old-school design, 196-cc gas-fed power mill, and a rugged, sturdy frame, this classic pocket bike will bring you hours of fun on the ranch, local dirt tracks, or wooded trails.

From specs to tips on how to increase top-end speed and deal with clutch issues, this guide will cover your most needed information about one of the most powerful mini bikes in the market today.

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About Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

The Coleman CT200U and CT200U EX two-wheelers are Chinese-manufactured pocket bikes from a company that has been around the North American market since 2014. A high-performance miniature version of a motorcycle, the CT200U series is excellent for uphill training and gives beginners and intermediate riders a kick of outdoor adventure. Users and owners alike agree that the minibike is a practical alternative to pricier and more popular brands like Massimo and Mega Modo or mainstream brands like the “Japanese Big Three.”

Coleman CT200U and CT200U-EX models slightly differ in aesthetics and accompanying Coleman CT200U parts. While the standard CT200U version seems stark naked, the CT200U EX looks more like a proper street-legal bike – with a headlight, Harley-Davidson-like fuel tank, camouflage fenders, front shocks, and only a rear rack.

These seemingly negligible improvements have dramatically enhanced the usability of the bike. However, the downside to its more polished design is that it does not look any different from its counterparts, namely the same-category Mega Modo and TrailMaster MB200-2. And with the multitude of competing Chinese-made vehicles, you’d think that brand identity would have been given more importance.

Coleman CT200U Specs & Features


Unlike its competitors, the Coleman CT200U uses a Hisun power mill (not a Honda-clone engine). But that is not to say that aftermarket variants cannot replace its powerplant. The most popular go-to option for project builds is either a 212cc Tillotson Pull-Start Engine (view on Amazon) or a Predator Hemi engine with a MicroBurst Nitrous Oxide Injection Kit (view on Amazon). Furthermore, the CT200U mini bike offers higher torque in the lower rev ranges compared to its competition. Its 11 Nm (1.12 kgf-m, 8.11 ft-lb) rated output makes for the bike’s improved fuel efficiency.

Engine Type4-Stroke, OHV
Cylinder ArrangementSingle-cylinder
Carburetion SystemCarburetion, HUAYI P19 Rated carb Carburetion, KURUIDI carb – CT200U-EX
Engine CoolingAir cooling
Engine FuelUnleaded gasoline of PON 86/RON 90, < 5% MTBE, < 10% ethanol, or < 5% methanol; E15/E20/E85 fuels are prohibited
Fuel Capacity0.95 US gal; 1.1 US gal – later-year models
Bore x Stroke Ratio68×54 mm (2.68×2.13 in)
Valve Clearance (Int/Ex)0.10 ± 0.15 mm / 0.15 ± 0.20 mm
Compression Ratio8.5:1
Displacement196cm³ / 11.96in³
Horsepower6 hp @ 3,600 RPM
Rated Torque11 Nm (1.12 kgf-m, 8.11 ft-lb) @ 2,500 RPM
Top Speed20 – 25 mph – advertised 42 mph (67 km/h) – owner’s claim
Engine Oil & Quantity0.63 US quart SAE 10W-30, SJ or higher API grade
Alternatives: SAE 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50 based on ambient temp

TIP: This bike’s engine is quite delicate. So, when washing the minibike, do it thoroughly and keep water away from the air intake and muffler outlet. Use only low-pressure water. Otherwise, water can enter the engine and damage its components.


The Coleman Mini Bike CT200U share almost the same drivetrain components as the TrailMaster MB200-2 (except for the torque converter). Its front and rear sprockets are also geared for acceleration as opposed to top-end speed. While the advertised CT200U top speed is 4-mph lower than its counterpart, there is no published review confirming both vehicles’ 0-60 figures to prove which is quicker.

ClutchCentrifugal, automatic
Sprocket(50T rear sprocket, 20T front sprocket)
Final DriveChain drive, 420 O-ring chain (slack: 15 – 20 mm (1/2 – 3/4 in)
Gear Ratio10:01

Changing gearing will increase this wheeler’s top-end speed and acceleration – you will be surprised it can go 49 mph uphill.


It has a recoil pull starter (no battery) and TCI. The flywheel serves as its charging system and is what powers the headlight on CT200U-EX versions. If you want to convert the dirt bike into having dimmable lighting and an electronic ignition system, get a 12V 4Ah/(10 Hr) maintenance-free, YB4L-A or YB4L-B battery (view on Amazon) – with assembled dimensions of 120 x 70 x 92 millimeters (4.75 x 2.75 x 3.62 inches).

IgnitionTransistor Controlled Igniter (TCI)
Starting SystemRecoil pull start
Idle Speed1700 ± 150 RPM
Spark PlugLD – F7TC or CHDY- F7TC, 0.6-0.8 mm (0.024-0.032 in) gap
Torque: 1/2 turn past finger tight (new); 1/8 turn past finger tight (old)
GeneratorFlywheel Magneto
Battery (Optional)12V 4Ah/(10 Hr), YB4L-A or YB4L-B battery
Battery Dimensions4.75 x 2.75 x 3.62 in

Tires & Brakes

Part of what this bike can still improve on is its brake system. Although its sealed drum brakes match its classic aesthetic well, they are inferior to the halting power that hydraulic discs provide. Stock all-terrain tires are decent but are better replaced with Kenda Pathfinder K530 Tires (view on Amazon) for Baja-worthy applications. Same-size Carlisle and AlveyTech knobbies are also good alternatives but are mostly out of stock, making them hard to come by.

Front Tire Low-pressure AT19 x 7-8
Rear Tire
Off-road/road air pressure (F/R) 69 ± 3.5 kPa (0.70 kgf-cm2, 10 psi ± .5 psi)
Tread Limit (F/R) 4 mm (0.16 in)
Front Brake Type N/A
Rear Brake Type Sealed drum


Low-pressure tires serve as the two-wheeler’s suspension system and are responsible for stability and smoothness of ride over diverse terrain. While this aptly fits the CT200U’s off-roading nature, it is honestly another area of improvement for the pocket bike. Thankfully, the manufacturer upgraded the Coleman CT200U-EX suspension system by complementing the wheel-and-tire assembly with front fork shocks.

Ground Clearance 165 mm (6.5 in) 140 mm (5.5 in) – CT200U-EX
Wheelbase 1,050 mm (42 in)
Turning Radius 0.91 m (3 ft)
Front Suspension Type Low-pressure tires Shocks & low-pressure tires – CT200U-EX
Rear Suspension Type


As far as overall dimensions go, it is slightly shorter in length but wider than the TrailMaster MB200-2. Interestingly, however, its later-year models have a higher weight load limit than its counterpart. Not to mention it has a higher seat height, too. The Coleman CT200U EX is expectedly heavier than the base model since it comes with a headlight (in addition to its rear rack). Including vehicle weight, payload capacity, and fuel, its GVWR should be around 165 Kg (363.8 lbs).

Length1,450 mm (57 in)
Width960 mm (38 in)
Height680 mm (26.5in)
Seat Height (Unloaded)965 mm (38 in)
Dry Weight55 Kg (121 lbs); 60.8 Kg (134 lbs)
Maximum Weight Limit91 Kg (200 lbs); 100 Kg (220 lbs) – later-year models


The initial CT200U model had a minimalistic, retro styling reminiscent of the ’40s – ’60s and came with small front and rear carrier racks. Conversely, the CT200U-EX version retained the rear rack but replaced the front with a Coleman CT200U headlight, looking more like the 200-class TrailMaster. The only difference is in the fuel tank cover and chain guard, which were camouflage. Overall, the Coleman bikes provided consumers more color options than its competitors.

Front/Rear Fender FlaresStandard
License PlateOptional
Rack (F/R)Standard
Indicator LampsOptional
Emergency Off SwitchStandard

Coleman Mini Bike CT200U Price 

The MSRP for this 196-cm3 pocket bike falls between $499 and $799 (note that these values do not include shipping, destination, and other extraneous charges). Some online resellers sell it for $549. Meanwhile, auction listings stay very close to the original list price of the minibike. Sites like sell secondhand units from $461 to $588. When scouting for the best deals, be careful not to mistakenly purchase the 98-cc Coleman CT100 Trail Bike, as it looks the same as the 196-cc version.

Coleman CT200U Pros and Cons

Sans comparison to the competition, let us talk about the highs and lows of owning a Coleman CT200U mini bike:


  • The pocket bike’s pragmatic and compact design gives it a clean, streamlined appearance.
  • Its powerful 196-cc engine lends to its capability and speed and competes head-to-head with larger go-karts.
  • Assembling the minibike is easy, even for first-time motorcycle owners – it already comes 80% complete from the factory.
  • It handles well on hills, muddy areas, and other off-road terrains.
  • Servicing the engine and fuel system components is made convenient due to the minibike’s open chassis.
  • Safety features such as the ample-sized seat and speed governor make the two-wheeler beginner- and kid-friendly.
  • Compared to the TrailMaster MB200-2, the Coleman CT200U EX has front and rear racks, providing twice the carrier capability for essentials.
  • Its good acceleration at low RPMs is unrivaled in its category, making it convenient for the dirt bike to glide through uneven and rough surfaces.
  • Storage and transport are easy as the trail bike does not take up a ton of space and can fit perfectly at the back of your full-size pick-up truck.
  • The starting price of the Coleman CT200U mini bike is $400 cheaper than same-category two-wheelers.


  • The CT200 does not have front brakes, only a lone hand-activated rear brake.
  • Clutch issues are prevalent with this bike. What makes it worse is that the problem is coupled with pesky engine noises (squealing, for instance) when the wheeler is in motion.
  • The chain of the bike is also known to separate from the wheel when riding at high speeds.
  • Earlier models did not have any suspension, which dampens the ride quality of the bike.
  • The trail bike is fuel-efficient but does not include a motorized reverse, making it challenging for beginners to get themselves out of sticky situations.
  • Sealed drum brakes provide the CT200U its stopping power but do not perform as well as hydraulic discs would.
  • Although the bike is sturdy and promises high performance, veterans do not recommend it for public road use.

Ultimately, it is still up to you and your state guidelines to decide if your CT200U is worthy of the street. But bear in mind that there is more to equipping the pocket bike than the necessary indicator lights, horns, and rearview mirrors to turn it into a vehicle befitting the road. You are going to end up shelling money out of your own pockets to whip this classic into road-legal shape, anyway. You might as well save up those extra hundred dollars and buy a factory-assembled street-legal moto.

Making the CT200U Faster

In stock form, the Coleman Mini Bike CT200U is capable and offers a pleasant riding experience. But if you want to make this modest trail bike faster, here are a few suggestions:

  • TAV1 / TAV2 (or Torq-A-Verter) Torque Converter Kit (view on Amazon) – this fits 3-to-8-hp engines with a 3/4 or 1-inch crankshaft (the Coleman CT200U has a 6.5-hp engine, making this kit perfectly compatible with the bike). Kits come in two options – a 12T sprocket/35# chain or 10T sprocket/40-41#, 420 chain combo.
  • You get a TAV1 kit for a ¾-inch bore and a TAV2 kit for a 1-inch bore. (Price starts at $195)
  • Stage 1 / Stage 2 Kit will give you a boost in power, even if you decide to keep the mini bike’s speed governor. A Stage 1 Kit will easily swap onto a 212cc Predator Hemi should you wish to go that route.
  • Replace stock valve springs with true Comet springs that match the components in your TAV kit.
  • Less popular but equally effective top-end mods include a non-Hemi Predator, billet flywheel, hot rods, advanced timing, high-flow air filter, and 22-lb valve springs.
  • Alongside a clutch upgrade, change gearing according to desired top-end and RPMs, get high-speed jets, do some head porting/polishing, and remove the speed governor.
  • The right choice of taller tires will add to the bike’s speed but may take away from its acceleration.

TAV Kits

Note that the crankshaft differs depending on if you have the standard CT200U or the camo CT200U-EX. The former already has a ¾-inch crankshaft and is TAV-ready. Conversely, the latter has a 5/8-inch crankshaft, which still requires conversion to either a ¾ or 1-inch crank before you can equip it with a TAV1 or TAV2 kit. Additionally, the clutches for the ¾-inch cranks have bushings, while 5/8-inch ones have caged needle bearings. According to owners who already did mods on the bike, the bearings perform much better.

Typically, TAV kits already include the following:

  • A cast-aluminum mounting plate with a built-in 5/8-inch OD Jackshaft
  • 30-series driver clutch
  • 30-series driven pulley, an asymmetric belt, Jackshaft sprocket
  • Hardware
  • Clutch cover

It has all the components you will need for a Coleman CT200U clutch upgrade. Not all torque converter systems are asymmetrical, though. That said, pocket bike experts highly suggest going for this converter type, as it provides proper final drive train alignment to be on the same side of the CT200U or CT200U-EX as the PTO or Power Take-Off.

About Hisun

Hisun Motors Corp. USA (a subsidiary of HISUN Motors, a.k.a. Chongqing Huansong Industrial Group Co. Ltd.) is the maker of the Coleman CT200U and CT200U-EX pocket bikes. Founded in 1988, this Chinese manufacturer began from supplying spare motorcycle parts in a tiny garage to becoming the 6th largest UTV producer in North America. Within its journey, it has evolved its product line to include motorized bikes, 4-stroke and V-Twin power mills, and utility quads. Hisun Motors manufactures all its products in its state-of-the-art 7.1-million ft2 facility in Chongqing, China, and 300,000 ft2 headquarters in McKinney, Texas.

Conclusion – Coleman CT200U Review

The Coleman CT200U may not be everyone’s top preference for a pocket bike. But over the years, it has slowly but successfully shown on the consumers’ radar. Although it is intended for teenagers, the bike’s potential seems to appeal more to adult, experienced riders. With its simplistic design, convertible engine, and straightforward features, what is there not to like?

All in all, this retro-style bike is economical, reliable, and an excellent little wheeler. It is a high-quality offering from Hisun that is sure to capture the hearts of both recreational riders and off-roading enthusiasts.