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Outback ATV Park NC: North Carolina (Full Review)

Off-roading in North Carolina can be absolutely amazing, provided you find great trails and good facilities nearby. This is what Outback ATV Park has set out to achieve: a massive expanse of about 800 acres, with trails, ponds, a mud bog, a drag strip, and multiple sandpits to play around in. Catering to ATV and motorbike riders alike, Outback ATV Park is a one-stop wonderland for off-road adventures in North Carolina.

What can you expect from Outback ATV Park NC? The 800 acres of off-road trails make Outback one of the best and biggest parks in North Carolina. Their services, riding options, and fantastic events make it a great destination. If you’re looking to ride in the mud, compete on tracks, or just have a great time with family, this park has it all.

In this review of Outback Park, let’s have a look at what the park is like, the facilities offered, the quality of the trails, and the must-know items before you visit.

Red ATV Splashing Through Muddy Terrain

Outback ATV Park NC: The Basics

You will find Outback ATV Park in Laurinburg, NC, close to the Laurinburg-Maxton airport not far off from the I-74. The park encompasses 800 acres of land and provides varied activities for ATV and motorbike riders, from superb trails to a famous mud bog, a drag strip, and many more surprises.

The park is run by two disabled veterans and is aimed at families first and foremost. They want their visitors to take advantage of the outdoors in a friendly and inclusive manner. This is what makes Outback very special. They also organize lots of concerts and charity events throughout the year and have included excellent facilities on site for families to camp and accompany riders.

The park is open every day, with calling hours between 8 am and 11 pm. It costs $5 per day to access, adding to that $10 per ATV/bike, etc. 

You can camp either on primitive grounds, at the cost of $5/night/tent, or bring an RV and stay over from $20 per night per hookup.

What is the Riding Like at Outback ATV Park?

The great thing about Outback is that they offer many trails and ponds and a mud bog. The mud bog is especially popular and has its own dedicated event: the Outback Mud Bash!

This is not just great riding in the mud, but also a big outdoor concert with a fantastic array of bands and artists. Bonus features also include contests, raffles, and more.

Riding at Outback also features several tracks for motorbikes: a 1.5-mile-long main track, a flat/round track, and a peewee track. This is in addition to all the sandpits and fantastic mix of scenery by the Jordan Creek and through the woods.

It’s a great idea to call before visiting to check conditions and opening times, and you’ll also find a very warm welcome once you get there and set out to ride the trails.

Outback ATV Park Mud

Outback Rules

This may be a very welcoming park for all off-road riders in North Carolina and beyond, but Outback has some rules you need to be aware of before you visit. These include, mainly:

  • Helmets are compulsory for riders
  • You cannot bring in drugs or alcohol, and no glass or bottles are allowed
  • No littering
  • Pets must be on a leash

Outback Events

We’ve mentioned the most famous event already – the annual Outback ATV Park Mud Bash. But that’s not all that’s on offer here. Various events, contests, and concerts are held every year throughout the year, and there are also many charity initiatives run by the park owners.

Some highlights include a Back to School Jam in September and an annual Toys for Tots Christmas drive crowned with a celebratory Christmas party.

Check out their Facebook page and stay up to date with all that’s going on in Laurinburg. Be aware of any last-minute changes due to weather or other conditions.

Other ATV Parks Near Laurinburg NC

North Carolina has some great destinations for ATV riding if you want to extend your trip beyond the Outback. Here are some top picks:

  • Busco Beach and ATV Park: In Goldsboro, NC, Busco Beach, and ATV Park have over 2,000 acres open for ATV and other off-road vehicles, as well as full hookup camping and a human-made beach where you can chill out or go for a swim. This park is also open all year and proving popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • Deep Creek ATV ParkLocated in Linden, NC, the Deep Creek ATV Park is run by Adamant ATV Riders Club and excels at sand and mud bogs. This park is open for off-roading and other miscellaneous outdoor activities such as paintball and open-air concerts.
  • Cape Fear ATV/MX Park: Head to the coast just an hour away from Carolina Beach for this ATV park where you can ride through the woods. Cape Fear ATV Park is another family-friendly park where you can ride, camp, and go fishing too. They also have a motocross track and mud bogs, shallow and deep ponds, sandpits, and woodland trails for around 30 miles of riding. You can camp either on primitive spots or by bringing your RV.

Conclusion: The Park of the People

Outback ATV Park in NC has been called “the park that never closes” and the “park of the people” thanks to its immense popularity but also its willingness to cater to ATV riders all year long. That, along with the tremendous family-friendly atmosphere, is what makes it an exceptional off-roading destination in North Carolina. There is so much to do, and all the additional events throughout the year will give you some extra reasons to visit Outback ATV Park again and again!