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Where to Ride Your ATV in Oregon Sand Dunes

Oregon Sand Dunes, nestled along the stunning Pacific coastline, have always attracted adventurers, including ATV riders and off-roading enthusiasts. These dunes stand out for their unique geological features and natural beauty.

The Oregon Sand Dunes offers many options for ATV riders to explore the state’s ever-shifting sands and stunning coastal landscapes. Its crown jewel is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, with the Sand Lake Recreation Area closely behind — both nestled within the Siuslaw National Forest.

Lakeside and Sumpter have several ATV routes, allowing adventurers to access local businesses. Morrow County and the Tillamook State Forest are also designated areas for ATV riding outside Oregon Sand Dunes. This article, however, will focus on the NRAs and discover how to make the most of these famed recreation areas along the state’s coastline.

Riding Red ATV in the Oregon Dunes

The Appeal of Oregon Sand Dunes

Oregon’s sand dunes offer an extraordinary blend of natural beauty and geological wonders. These sprawling dunes, shaped by centuries of wind and waves, create a mesmerizing landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. The undulating sand patterns and the Pacific Ocean’s shimmering waters provide a breathtaking backdrop for ATV enthusiasts.

The dunes are home to a unique ecosystem, supporting a variety of wildlife and plant species specially adapted to the harsh conditions of the coastal environment. It’s common to spot shorebirds, native plants, elusive western snowy plovers, and endangered silverspot butterflies while exploring the dunes.

ATV riders are drawn to this natural wonderland for its scenic grandeur and the thrill of conquering its challenging terrains. The ever-shifting sands, in particular, present an exciting challenge for off-roaders.

Riding Rules and Regulations

You will need an Oregon State ATV Permit to ride ATVs in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The same goes for riding in the Sand Lake Recreation Area. Since these NRAs are within the Suislaw National Forest and managed by the U.S. Forest Service, you’ll also need a Northwest Forest Pass. Rates are currently between $5 and $30 (subject to change without prior notice), depending on whether you purchase a day or annual pass.

Rules and regulations on OHV and ATV riding are strictly implemented in the Oregon Sand Dunes. Here are some of the general guidelines below:

Know the Laws

Familiarize yourself with the laws governing OHV use on public land to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. Among the parameters specific to Oregon Sand Dunes is alcohol prohibition outside of staging areas. But if you want to run through the full list of regulations, visit the Oregon State Parks website or call their information center hotline.

Prioritize Respect

Respect is the cornerstone of outdoor recreation. Show respect for yourself, fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and the environment.

Use Current Maps

When exploring the Siuslaw National Forest, it is your responsibility as an operator to use an up-to-date Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). This map will display National Forest System roads, designated trails, and areas approved for motor vehicle use.

Assume Responsibility

By participating in OHV activities, understand that you voluntarily assume full responsibility for any potential damages, risks, or dangers that may arise during your outdoor adventure.

Strictly Observe Noise Limits

The decibel limit is 93 dB for the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, while Sand Lake Recreation Area permits up to 97 dB. For further details about vehicle requisites like spark arrestors (view on Amazon), noise limits, and sound tests specific to this area, you may consult the park’s official website and additional resources.

Operating hours vary by season and are contingent on whether there are scheduled or announced suppressions or fire closures. Check the park’s website or local ranger stations for the most up-to-date information. Outside of seasonal schedules, an OHV riding curfew between midnight and 6:00 a.m. is strictly observed within the NRA grounds.

Top ATV Trails in Oregon Sand Dunes

Oregon Dunes National Park

For those seeking the best ATV trails in Oregon’s sand dunes, you’re in for a treat. The region boasts a variety of trails for riders of various skill levels and preferences. From the towering dunes of Sand Lake to the rugged terrains of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, there’s something for everyone.

The subsequent sections provide an overview of the most popular ATV trails in the region, describing their unique characteristics, levels of difficulty, trail lengths, and recommended skill levels. So, without further ado, let’s get into the region’s most recommended, awe-inspiring ATVing spots.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is an off-roading haven offering a vast network of trails that span roughly 40 miles (64 km) along the coastline. Apart from ATVing, enthusiasts can engage in a wide range of wheeled activities here, like dune buggy excursions and sandboarding (among others).

While the recreational area is North America’s largest coastal dunes, trail lengths vary, providing short rides or longer adventures. For one, the Oregon Dunes Loop Trail takes approximately an hour and 17 minutes to complete if you decide to ride its entire length.

The area is rated moderately challenging, with trails of varying difficulty levels. Some sections offer relatively easy, flat terrain, while others feature technical sand dunes that may not take as long but are better suited for more experienced or advanced riders.

There are several staging areas within the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, including Horsfall Sand Camping and OHV Staging Area. Here, riders can park their 4x4s, unload their ATVs, and prepare for their adventure.

The terrain primarily consists of expansive sand dunes, providing a thrilling riding experience. The scenery includes stunning coastal views, lush vegetation, and opportunities to observe unique wildlife in their natural habitat. Many trails from the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area feature serene lakes and wooded trails like the Siltcoos Lake Trail that are great for hiking, biking, and bird sighting.

Sand Lake Recreation Area

This area features a diverse network of trails spanning approximately 1,076 acres, encompassing sand dunes and wooded regions. It is strategically located along the state’s North Coast, 15 miles southwest of Tillamook, nestled between the striking landmarks of Cape Lookout and Cape Kiwanda.

The trails at this recreation area vary in difficulty, with some being suitable for beginners and others offering more challenging terrain for experienced riders. It also features a designated OHV staging area with restrooms, picnic areas, and a dune viewing platform.

The Sand Lake Recreation Area offers an array of terrain, seamlessly blending expansive sand dunes with lush forested sections. This combination creates a diverse and captivating riding experience where riders are treated to picturesque vistas of the mesmerizing dunes and the expansive beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Other Detours

While the sand dunes are the primary attraction for ATV riders, The Beaver State also offers opportunities to hike and explore the outdoors along its stunning coastline.

Some of these amazing locations have already been highlighted in my post on the Best Oregon Off Road Trails. Nonetheless, here are additional suggestions where you can legally ride quads on the beach or do other nature activities in nearby locations (source: All Trails):

  • Threemile Lake Trail
  • Tahkenitch Dunes Trail
  • John Dellenback Trail
  • Oregon Dunes Loop Trail
  • Siltcoos Lake Trail
  • Taylor Dunes Trail
  • Waxmyrtle Trail
  • Hall Lake Loop
  • Tackenitch Creek Trail
  • Bluebill Lake Trail
  • Sand Lake Dunes Trail
  • Whalen Island Access Trail
  • Banshee Hill Trail
  • North Dune Access Trail
  • Cahoots Trail
  • Big Meadow Trail

Please note that most of these locations are mainly intended for hiking, mountain biking, or cycling rather than ATV riding. Some are also a long way out from Oregon Sand Dunes. However, they can be excellent options for a detour if you want to set that long-overdue extended weekend adventure into motion.

If you choose to include one of these destinations in your itinerary, I recommend visiting their official websites — typically managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) — to find all the information you need for your visit.

Renting ATVs and Guided Tours

Winchester, Oregon, ATV Sand Dunes

Don’t worry if your ATV is currently undergoing repairs in a local shop or still in the dealership waiting for your purchase. Guided tours, in particular, can be an excellent choice for beginners, tourists, and folks who share your situation. Tours (which typically go hand-in-hand with rentals) provide expert guidance, plus a chance to learn about the dunes’ history and ecology.

Here are some highly recommended options:

Sandlake Tsunami ATV Rentals

Sandlake Tsunami provides a range of quads near Pacific City, Sandlake, and Tillamook. They are often the preferred choice for frequenters of the Sand Lake Recreation Area. Rentals come with a full fuel tank and essential gear like goggles and helmets (view on Amazon). Additionally, they offer a trailer for ATV transport and allow extra time for travel and unloading. 

A small downside to this rental service is that renters must have their own vehicle for towing the trailer. But if that isn’t feasible for the renter, there’s an option for an SUV rental at an additional cost.

Ridin’ Dirty ATV Rentals

Ridin’ Dirty ATV Rentals is a family-owned operation in Winchester Bay. It serves beginners and experienced riders, offering ATVs and UTVs for all ages and skill levels.

While they don’t have direct dune access like Torex ATV Rentals, they provide transportation to the staging area, just 2.5 miles away. You can ride with them to the staging area or follow in your vehicle. A minimal parking fee is applicable.

Steve’s ATV Rentals

Based in North Bend, Oregon, Steve’s ATV Rentals provides a diverse range of ATVs, UTVs, and RZRs, catering to kids, beginners, and experts. Rates start at $50 to $300, depending on whether you rent a youth ATV, a two-seater, or a UTV.

As of this writing, they offer an early bird special discount for check-ins by 9:00 a.m. and patrons riding between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Additionally, they have a group discount available for large groups of 10 or more riders (all special discounts are subject to change without prior notice).

Ocean Breeze ATV Rentals

As a military family-owned business with extensive ATV experience, Ocean Breeze ATV Rentals provides all necessary safety equipment when renting from them. Their fully stocked trailer offers various items for purchase. Moreover, they operate year-round, aiming to meet all customer needs. When making reservations, the company strongly recommends a 2-hour notice at least.

Hourly rates range from $50 to $250, depending on if you rent an individual quad or a multi-seater. Also, note that hourly rates increase during the summer season.

Sand Dunes Frontier/Torex ATV Rentals

Torex ATV Rentals is among the few Oregon Coast companies offering ATV rentals with direct dune access, eliminating the need to transport your ATVs (great news for adventurers with their own four-wheelers!). Year-round rentals include 1-to-3-seater machines and mini quads for youngsters. Hourly rates include helmets, goggles, ATV permits, and a safety orientation.

Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rentals

Also located in North Bend, Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rentals offers guided tours where you either rent and get driven around or tag along behind one of their experienced guides. More independent off-roading enthusiasts, on the other hand, can opt for simply renting four-wheelers, which range from youth quads to more powerful multi-seaters.

Some tours combine ATV riding with railriding and horseback riding. You can avail of these tours individually or as a package, depending on your preferences. Twin Ranch Rail Riders (as its name implies) is specific to railriding. And while this may deviate from your usual fun in the sun and sand, it’s still a great way to experience the natural beauty of the Tillamook Coast.

Important Things to Know

Oregon Sand Dunes at Sunset

Best Time of Year to Ride

The prime ATV riding season in Oregon Sand Dunes usually spans from May to September (late spring through early fall). This timeframe boasts the best weather conditions with mild temperatures, minimal rainfall, and extended daylight hours, making it ideal for riding. Summer, in particular, is a universal favorite due to warm, clear skies.


As briefly discussed earlier, you must obtain specific permits and licenses to legally ride ATVs in Oregon Sand Dunes. The Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation oversees the NRA and enforces regulations to safeguard the dunes and rider safety. That said, you are required to have an Oregon State ATV Permit and a Northwest Forest Pass. Young riders ages 12 to 15 also need an Oregon State ATV Safety Education Card.


Several camping options are available near the Oregon Sand Dunes, including campsites within the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (Horsfall Campground, Spinreel Campground, and Tahkenitch Campground). Florence and Coos Bay hold private campgrounds and RV parks, too.


Pets are generally allowed in the sand dune areas of Oregon. However, important regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of the environment and pets alike. These regulations primarily cover restricted areas, clean-up rules, and leash requirements. There are also seasonal restrictions imposed, so make sure to research ahead of your planned adventure.

Information on Dune Conditions and Weather

To get up-to-date information, you can rely on several sources:

  • Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area’s official website
  • Oregon State Parks website
  • National Weather Service and weather apps
  • Your local ranger station or visitor center

These sources provide valuable information, including trail status, local weather forecasts, real-time updates on temperature, wind, and precipitation, closures, and alerts.

Conclusion — ATV Riding in Oregon’s Enchanting Sand Dunes

The Oregon Sand Dunes are many an ATV and dune buggy enthusiast’s dream getaway, with its diverse trails and mesmerizing vistas. From stunning landscapes to exhilarating challenges, this region offers a blend of excitement and tranquility.

Whether you crave dune climbs, forest rides, or coastal views or wish to create an unforgettable family riding experience, I highly recommend this recreation area in the Pacific Northwest for your next off-roading destination.