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How Much Weight Can a Snowmobile Pull?

Snowmobiles are fun vehicles to ride. They’re also helpful when towing equipment, supplies, and more. To avoid any damage, you should have an understanding of their weight limits and how much they can pull.

How much weight can a snowmobile pull? Exact weight depends on the snowmobile’s model, size, and engine power. Check the manufacturer specs to get a good idea of how much they can tow. For big jobs, utility snowmobiles are ideal for heavy loads such as firewood and passengers.

The downside to having a heavier capacity snowmobile is the reduction of speed and turning, so it’s essential to consider the particular tasks it will be helping you with. Depending on what you’re pulling, here are some recommendations on which snowmobiles are best for given jobs.

Snowmobile Pulling Equipment

Pulling Firewood, Sleds, Equipment, Trailers, or Passengers

  • Skandic – With a longer track, this utility sled is specialized for deep snow and is an excellent choice for hauling heavy loads. With lots of weight, it will go slow, but help you get the job done.
  • Yamaha VK540 – The Yamaha is a reliable machine for getting the job done. A 540 2-stroke engine with enhanced mid-range torque, this utility sled is ideal for the bigger jobs.
  • Alpine Utility Sled – The Alpine is an older model, but still a workhorse. Their durable frame and towable features make them ideal for hauling wood and other large items. The downside is that with their bulky size, it can sometimes be difficult to turn and maneuver.

Different Types of Snowmobiles

Ski-Doo Transporting Supplies

For people who don’t know much about snowmobiles, it’s common to think that they all look the same and have the same functions. But, once you begin to do your research, you’ll realize that some snowmobiles are built for different purposes and different terrains.

As mentioned, it’s important to decide why you want a snowmobile in the first place or what you want to use it for because this knowledge can help you better make an informed decision and avoid regret later on.

The Utility Snowmobile

Let’s start with the utility snowmobile, one that is recommended to get if you’re looking for a snowmobile that will have no problem in pulling a good amount of weight.

These types of vehicles are designed to help you work in the field. Distinguished by their wide and long frames, they can certainly get the job done. They can haul all your gear or supplies and even has a hitch if you ever needed to tow sleds.

The Trail Snowmobile

Next, let’s go with the trail snowmobile. These are the ideal choice for beginners or if you’ve never driven a snowmobile before. Due to their lightweight and low price, they are easy to handle and safe to use.

Because they’re small, they can have fast acceleration, so this might be the only caution to acknowledge if you are new to snowmobiles. As the name implies, they are great for trails or going on joy rides with friends, as even young adults can drive this type of vehicle.

The Performance Snowmobile

You guessed it; performance snowmobiles are made to be powerhouse units. Just like the trail snowmobile, they’re lightweight, small, and accelerate fast, but with the addition of being able to go at top speeds. This makes them perfect for professional snowmobile racers.

They’re also the popular and the priority choice for experienced snowmobile drivers. If you like the thrill snowmobiles offer, then this type has your name all over it.

You can also find high-performance snowmobiles if you want to go that extra mile. These have higher performance than the regular performance snowmobile. These are more for professionals, therefore not recommended for everybody.

The Mountain Snowmobile

You’ve probably noticed already that a snowmobile’s purpose is usually in their given name. So, the mountain snowmobile is perfect if you regularly drive up and down mountains or on hilly terrains.

Their design is narrower and lighter for easier maneuvering on those slopes and has better gripping tracks to climb with ease. They also have very high horsepower engines.

The Youth Snowmobile

Youth snowmobiles are specially made for teenagers or younger children, as young as eight years old. If you enjoy family trips or want to take your family out for a snow day, then you should consider these types of snowmobiles for your kids to use.

The trail snowmobile is very similar, but those are more for younger adults, while these youth snowmobiles are smaller and have lesser power in comparison for the sake of the safety of small children. These models come with a tether strap on the keys which pulls from the ignition if the child ever falls.

The Weight of a Snowmobile

Multiple Snowmobiles

Generally, the weight of snowmobiles ranges between 408 pounds (185 kg) to 600 pounds (272 kg), dependent on the type of model. You should also consider your body weight as well as those who might be riding with you.

Do I Need to Know Its Weight?

It will certainly help to know how much your snowmobile weights, especially for towing purposes. If you have a trailer, you’ll need to know how much that trailer can handle by knowing your snowmobile’s weight. Moreover, knowing the weight can help you to understand better the capacity of your vehicle and how you can make the most of its full potential.

If you already have a trailer but need a ramp, then the Caliber Pro Universal Snowmobile Ramp (Check price on Amazon) can help. It has a weight capacity of 1500lb., so plenty of capacity for even the biggest snowmobiles. It is also for other small vehicles, such as ATVs and UTVs. Its popularity is mainly due to its long angled ramp to provide smooth and safe loading.

Do I Need Snowmobile Accessories?

Everybody loves to make things their own. In this case, if you have your own snowmobile, surely you’d want to add to it. And of course, what accessories you add will affect the total weight of your snowmobile, so keep in mind its capacity so as not to overwork the engine, thus increasing the life expectancy of your vehicle.

If you feel like there is still plenty of weight room in your snowmobile, then adding accessories can be a great asset, especially if you plan on enjoying the ride without the burden of carrying everything in your backpack. Store your sensitive items safely in the American Trails Bushwhacker Snowmobile Bag (Check price on Amazon). It’s an excellent alternative to have with you rather than a regular backpack. It can sit perfectly on almost all snowmobile seats or bodies and won’t come loose even in rough terrains.

What Adds to the Weight of a Snowmobile?

Snowmobile parts already carry a great deal of weight, which means that their total number of carrying or pulling capacity becomes even more limited. Here are some determinants that can affect the weight of your snowmobile:

  • Engine – The engine is the heaviest part of the snowmobile, so the bigger the vehicle, the bulkier the engine. In turn, the bigger the engine, the higher its power.
  • Track – The track is the second heaviest part of the snowmobile. For most snowmobile enthusiasts, the track regularly changes to adapt to different terrains. You would still need to find the similar categorized tracks for the model of snowmobile you have, however.
  • Seat – Having a more comfortable seat is typically heavier than a less comfortable one as these contain more padding and any other materials that will add softness to it. These can also be changed to your preference, so its weight will then depend on you.
  • Body – The body might not be so customizable, although anything is possible if you invest enough in it. But the size of the body determines the function of the snowmobile. Take the mountain snowmobile, for example. It needs to be narrow to be able to move around quickly as it climbs the hill, so anything wider will only make it harder to function as its intended.

Even though you can customize or change some parts to something heavier or lighter, do keep in mind recommendations and if the part or accessory would be compatible to avoid unnecessary damage.

What Is the Best Spot to Attach Your Tow Rope?

To avoid damage when pulling, attach the rope to the back bumper. Avoid putting too much weight on the back of the tunnel since it can cause it to bend. Some snowmobile brands have specialized bumpers for towing.

Final Words

So, there you have it, things to think about regarding how much weight your snowmobile can pull. Remember, the weight of your snowmobile depends on the model or type of snowmobile you have, which each type has specific purposes for. Knowing the different types can help you make a better decision.