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Creekside Offroad Ranch Park Guide and Review

Creekside Offroad Ranch is one of the top off-roading parks in Texas, providing 350-acres of challenging terrain, mud, sand, and hills. It is great for families and welcomes all types of off-road vehicles, from Jeeps to ATVs. There are even camping spots and places to swim. So, what can you expect at Creekside Offroad Ranch?

Creekside Offroad Ranch in Splendora, Texas, is known for its challenging off-road courses full of sand, water, and mud. The Peach Creek winds through this 350-acre park and adds to the trail difficulty, making it perfect for Jeeps, dirt bikes, and ATVs.

Despite its trail size, this off road mudding park in Splendora, TX has always been a top pick for legal wheeling in the Houston area. The place is welcoming as it is challenging, depending on the amount of rainfall. Entry rates are reasonable, given its proximity to major towns within the state. Best of all, guests love getting dirty and doing one-handed water wheelies in the park.

Want to learn more about what Creekside has to offer? Read on.

Off-Road Truck Driving Through Mud Bog

Creekside Offroad Ranch: Lone State’s Finest

Also known as Creekside Edge ATV & MX Park, Creekside Offroad Park is one of those mud parks offering some of the best four-wheeling in Splendora, TX. One of the top five off road parks in Texas, the Creekside Ranch has miles of sand, hills, trails, and mud that will put your Jeep or any other OHV/ORV to the test. The park owners welcome all kinds of off-road vehicles – ATVs/UTVs, SxS, dirt bikes and motorcycles, registered SUVs and Jeeps, dune buggies, sand rail 4x4s, and trucks.

It is open on the weekends, from Fridays at noon to Sundays at 6 PM. Amenities include public showers and restrooms, mud pits, ravines, and a wash-down area. The property has tons of green space for primitive and RV camping, and reservations can be made online or via email. Visit their FB page for queries, event updates, rates, and information.

Directions to Creekside Offroad Ranch

  • From Houston (45 minutes): Drive north on US-59 about 35 miles past Splendora to East River Drive and exit. After exiting, make a U-turn onto US-59 south. Continue to drive about 300 yards, and you will see the park entrance on the right. Three routes are available coming from Houston going to the off road park. The quickest way is to get on I-45, then drive north-bound following I-69 until you reach the exit toward East River Drive. This route will save you 10 minutes of travel. But if you prefer to travel along I-69 or TX-99, you will still reach Creekside Ranch in less than an hour.
  • From Dallas (4 hours): Drive south for 1.7 miles from St. Paul Street to I-45. Follow I-45 driving south to FM830 East in Conroe. Take exit 92 from 1-45 south-bound. Take Willis Waukegan Road, TX-105 east, and Fostoria Road. Then go left on TX-105 for 22.9 miles to US-59. Drive south on US-59 for about 5.6 miles to East River Drive. You will see the park entrance at approximately 1.4 miles on the right.
  • From Beaumont (1 hour and 30 minutes): Similar to Houston, there are three routes that you can take from Beaumont going to Creekside. For the quickest way, get on I-10 east from West Cedar Street and I-10 Frontage Road. Then, drive east on TX-105 to US-59 in Splendora. Drive south on US-59 for approximately 5.6 miles to East River Drive exit. Merge onto US-59 and continue driving for about 1.4 miles until you see the park entrance on the right.

You can find a Texas Creek OHV map on the Creekside Offroad Ranch website. Either that or send directions to your phone using Google Maps or via a different app.

Creekside Offroad Ranch Difficulty

This loop trail measures 3.2 miles (5.1 km) from start to end. The entire path is not too technical but can get pretty sloppy after some rain. Most of the tracks are unmarked, so it’s possible to take a wrong turn to the ATV or the Jeep section of the trail. Several deep sand and mud puddles can reach up to your hood, so be careful. It is recommended to be with someone if you ever get stuck.


The weather in this zone is fairly predictable, with most of the rainfall occurring in June and the least in July. If you want to enjoy lots of mud puddles and watering holes within the park premises, plan your trip between May and late June. However, note that Splendora Texas experiences significant seasonal variation in monthly rainfall, so these months may not always be the best time to visit this off road park in Texas. Make sure to check online for weather forecasts.

Vehicle Requirements

There are no Creekside Ranch offroad ATV rentals in the park, which means you have to bring your own vehicle. However, Riding is not mandatory as you can come in as a spectator and pay a small entry fee. Likewise, Creekside does not impose any vehicle restrictions since it welcomes all types of off-road vehicles, from dirt bikes to trucks. You do not need to secure any OHV permits as you will be riding in a privately-owned commercial park.

The speed limit in camping areas is 5 mph. Apart from slowing down in these sections, drivers should watch out for small children playing. Additionally, it is highly recommended that drivers use helmets while riding, regardless of age (for safety measure). This recommendation also applies most especially to drivers participating in competitions held at the park.

As for your tires, this will largely depend on how aggressive you want to play in the mud. If you are not into serious mudding, then all-terrain tires are perfect. But if you intend to ride in the muck, then you should get a set of legit mud-tires like Nitto Trail Grappler for your four-wheeler. You should also do a 2-inch lift if you’re riding an ATV/UTV as mud pits can get pretty deep in the season. Also, check Peach Creek water levels to determine if your vehicle is suitable for riding in the mud and watering holes.

Camping and Reservations

If you decide to stay longer, Creekside Offroad Ranch has overnight options. You can enjoy nice hot showers in clean, spacious bathrooms after a day of mudding. Being one of the best ATV parks in Texas, Creekside provides RV hookups and tent campgrounds. It has full-service RV hookups (complete with sewer, water, and electricity), and plenty of green space for primitive or tent camping. Furthermore, campfires and barbecue pits are allowed, so remember to bring firewood.

If you’re not a wilderness camper, there are lots of lodging within seven miles from the park to sleep comfortably. Below are a few recommendations:

  • Crystal Inn: It is located in Porter, Texas, and provides free parking, free WiFi, and a complimentary breakfast.
  • Motel 6: Situated in Cleveland, Texas, this lodging is 6.7 miles from Creekside Offroad Ranch and within the Big Creek Scenic Area and features air-conditioned rooms with refrigerators.
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Windham: This accommodation is also located in Cleveland, Texas, and is slightly pricier than the first three recommendations. It is 6.7 miles from the park.
  • Super 8 by Wyndham: This lodging in Cleveland is 7 miles from the off-road park and has an outdoor pool and free parking.
  • Best Western Cleveland Inn & Suites: This lodging in Cleveland, TX features an outdoor pool and has free parking. Rooms have refrigerators and are air-conditioned. There is another branch in New Caney that you can go to if this inn is already fully-booked.

Concessionaires are also on-site to cater to guests, even if there aren’t any special events. But if you are craving something apart from the usual, there are tons of fast-food chains. Take your pick from Subway, Jack in the Box, Don Rogelio Restaurant, or Splendora Café. Gas stations and other creature comforts are also in proximity to the park. Visit the local information page of Splendora to get more information about the area.

Group Sizes and Rates

Unlike national forests and state parks, there is no specific group size limit when entering Creekside Offroad Ranch. Its owners have full discretion in determining the maximum number of guests that the off road park can accommodate. At one point, it did host an event with over 10,000 attendees! The park has not replicated those many guests since, but many visitors still attend its mud fests and other events.

Entry is $5 per person (the same rate applies to an additional rider for vehicles). Children under six years old stay free in the park, even in RV campsites. The riding fee is $20, which is inclusive of one off-road vehicle and one rider. Tent camping charge is $15 per person per night, while RV camping is $30. A weekend pass for primitive camping is also available for $40. Currently, there is no weekend pass for RV camping (except during Mardi Gras festivities).

Mardi Gras Mudfest

Mardi Gras Mudfest is Creekside’s biggest attraction since it began hosting the event, which occurs every first week of March. People visit from all across the state and from outside of Texas. You must be 18 years old or above to participate.

Rates are $50 per person for the entire weekend and would be inclusive of ATV/UTV Bounty Hole, Truck Bounty Hole, use of park amenities, and a live music concert presenting famous artists and musicians. Features of the ranch specifically tailored to the desires of ATV and off-roading enthusiasts include miles of extensive trails, dunes, and mud hills.

RV camping generally sells out during this event, so guests must make reservations early due to the limited RV sites. Primitive campgrounds are still available, but expect the park to be cramped due to the number of attendees. Expect this ATV trails in Texas to be fully booked during other best-seller events like the annual Summer Showdown, Truck Tug Pad, Wet T-Shirt Contest, and Poker Run.

Customer Feedback

People who frequent the park mostly give positive feedback about their riding experience and how they run the place. They consider it superior to other parks near Houston, even when comparing it to Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach. But like other parks, Creekside is far from perfect.

Some of the suggestions that patrons give have more to do with cleanliness in the park, primarily driven by visitors. Guests point out insufficient toilet paper in the restrooms and not enough trash bins in the campsite and swimming areas. Other setbacks include the trail condition when there is little to no rainfall, as it becomes very dusty and less thrilling to ride.

Park maintenance would always have its limitations, and it is up to patrons to help the owners with the off-roading trails we love.

Park Guidelines

The owners are very hands-on when it comes to maintaining this off-road park, and want everyone to have a good time. To make this happen, they have posted the following park rules for everyone’s compliance:

  • All visitors must sign the release form at the front gate every day they are at the park.
  • Those under 18 must be with a guardian or parent while on the premises.
  • Wheelies, tricks, and stunts are prohibited in the parking/camping areas but are allowed on the trail.
  • Riding double is strongly discouraged by the owners unless you are in an SxS. ATVs and UTVs should only have one rider. The same goes for dirt bikes and motorcycles.
  • The use of drugs or any illegal substance on the property is prohibited. Firearms on the premises are also banned.
  • Drinking alcohol in the park is only allowed for Adults. Underage drinking will not be tolerated.
  • Guests must place all their trash in the trash cans located around the park. Litter should not be thrown in campfires or left on the trail.
  • Glass containers of any type are prohibited as these may harm others or damage tires. Glass containers will be confiscated by staff at any time, especially during events.
  • Visitors must not cut live trees for firewood. There is plenty of deadwood around for campfires & bonfires. Better yet, bring firewood to make sure trees in the park are left alone.
  • Park owners do not tolerate bad attitudes, fighting, vandalism, theft, and harassment.

Guests violating any of these guidelines may result in their permanent ban or expulsion from the park for as long as the park owners see fit.

Have Fun at Creekside Offroad Ranch!

Memories created at Creekside are undoubtedly one for the books. With Splendora’s humid weather, your tough four-wheeler, and great friends, you’re guaranteed a wonderful weekend escape. This ATV mud park may be small in terms of size, but it is massive when it comes to providing an unforgettable and fun-filled riding experience. No wonder the park always makes it to the list of top places to visit in Texas.

Start planning your next off-road adventure at Creekside Offroad Ranch, and experience one of the top Jeep trails in Texas!