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How Much Does It Cost to Mount and Balance Tires

Sooner or later, you would need to have new tires installed or mounted due to wear and tear. These new tires will also require balancing to ensure better drive train performance, smooth ride, and reduced tire wearing; in fact, balancing is also part of regular car maintenance. Knowing how much it costs to mount and balance tires allow you to allot a budget to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

So, how much does it cost to mount and balance tires? The exact cost of mounting and balancing your tires will depend on many factors, such as tire size, your location, and the company doing the job. For instance, off-road vehicle tires will be around the mid-range price since they have big tires.

To help you set the right budget, let’s look into the average cost of balancing and balancing and mounting services. We’ll also talk about companies that offer some of the most affordable services for most types of vehicles. Then, we’ll provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about tire mounting and balancing.

Worker Balancing Tire With Wheel Balancing Machine

What Is the Average Cost to Mount and Balance Tires?

The number one factor determining the cost of mounting and balancing your tires is your vehicle’s type. The larger the vehicle, the higher the price since they have larger tires.

As of writing, you’ll expect to pay from $13 to $45 to mount one tire or $52 to $180 for four tires. In terms of balancing, it would be around $10 to $15 for each tire or approximately $40 to $60 for all tires.

However, the price would be a bit higher if you plan to have winter tires installed. Expect to add from $8 to $10 per tire.

The price range itself tells you that some companies charge lower than others. Likewise, most companies offer packages wherein balancing is already included in the installation or mounting price. Some even include other services.

Reliable Tire Mounting and Balancing Services

For reliable companies that can mount and balance your off-road vehicle tires at a cost-efficient price, the top options are Walmart, Discount Tire, BJs, NTB, and Costco.


Among the most popular retail corporations in the US, Walmart Inc. offers several tire services for cars, ATVs, and UTVs.

  • Tires Bought at Walmart

For mounting and balancing, the current package ranges from $48 to $60 for four tires or $12 to $15 per tire if you bought the tires from Walmart. The rate includes lifetime rotation and balancing for every 7,500 miles and new valve stems, TPMS service, and 50-mile lug re-torque. Since tire disposal isn’t included, expect to pay around $1.50 for each tire or $6.

An optional add-on is the road hazard warranty that costs $10 per tire or $40 for the four tires bought at Walmart. It will cover flat tire repairs and any unforeseen road hazard and replace non-repairable tires with at most 25% tread wear.

Considering every fee, service, disposal, and warranty, how much does it cost to mount and balance tires at Walmart? Well, you would spend between $90 and $106.

  • Service-Only

On the other hand, you would need to pay an additional $10 per tire or $40 for four tires if you purchased the tires from a different company. Thus, expect to pay between $88 to $100 for four tires. Of course, you would also need to pay the disposal fee if you’ll leave the old tires.

So, how much in total would you pay if you didn’t purchase the tires at Walmart? That would be between $94 and $106, without a warranty, of course.

Discount Tire

Don’t prefer to have your tires balanced and mounted at Walmart? Maybe because of the long line, or they’re not a tire-specific company? Discount Tire would be your best option, whether you have a small car, Jeep, ATV, or UTV.

As a USA-based tire and wheel retailer, the quote provided by Discount Tire for the wheel and tire package you bought from them already includes services. If you only purchased the tires or have tires from other companies, you’d be charged around $21 to $33 per tire or $84 to $132 for four tires. This installation price covers mounting, lifetime balancing and rotating, new valve stems, flat repairs, airchecks, and inspections.

Similar to Walmart, the disposal fee isn’t included in the quote. Discount Tire will charge around $2.75 per tire or $11 for four tires.

How about the road hazard coverage at Discount Tire? Unlike other tire servicing companies, Discount Tire refers to this as the Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement. Its cost is approximately 15% or 16% of the tire’s price tag. This “warranty” is valid for three years from the date of purchase.

Studded Winter Tires Mounted on Car


Although you’ll find that BJs Tire Center offers the greatest value for your money, they’re not at the top of our list because they only install tires bought from them. Nonetheless, they have several tire brands available such as Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone.

Members of the warehouse club would need to pay around $20 for installing or mounting one tire. This package includes lifetime balancing and rotation, inflation checks, flat repairs, new valve systems, tire disposal, and a three-year road hazard warranty.

However, you would need to pay approximately $5 per tire for the TPMS kit. Therefore, in total, you would need to pay about $60 for four tires.


Another option you might want to consider because they have branches in several states, NTB or National Tire & Battery, doesn’t offer better packages than Walmart and Discount Tire.

The company’s fee is around $17 per tire or $68 for four tires, including lifetime balancing and rotation. For the TPMS kit, you would need to pay $8 per wheel, while you would need to spare $3 per tire for the disposal fee. Lastly, the cost for the hazard warranty is 16% of the tire’s cost. Overall, you need to prepare at least $122 for four tires.

The best thing about NTB is they have lots of promotions and coupons that you can take advantage of by visiting their deals and savings page. They also offer many car maintenance services, so you can have almost everything done to help save you time.


Exclusively for members, Costco offers tire mounting at a rate of $18.99 per tire or almost $76 for four tires, which include nitrogen tire inflation, lifetime balancing, rotation, air pressure checking, and flat repairs, plus new valve stems and tire disposal. On top of that, you’ll enjoy five years of road hazard warranty. For TPMS, you would need to pay an additional $3 per tire.

One problem with Costco is that they don’t install UTV tires for street use and ATV tires. However, they sell Greenball tires (View on Amazon) for these rides and have them delivered directly to your home. Also, you’ll only find three tire brands for cars: BFGoodrich, Michelin, and Bridgestone (View on Amazon).

Nonetheless, members will also enjoy service center discounts through the Costco Auto Program.

Table of Mounting and Balancing Cost Comparison

Let’s tabulate the numbers, perks, and additional costs to help you compare each company easily and quickly.

CompanyMinimumCost per TireInclusionsAdditionalCosts per Tire
Walmart$15 ($25 for non-Walmart tires)TPMS KitsLifetime Balancing and RotationLug Re-torqueNew Valve Stems$10: Road hazard warranty$1.50: Tire Disposal
Discount Tire$21TPMS KitsLifetime Balancing and RotationNew Valve StemsInflation checks$2.75: Tire Disposal$15 to 16% of Tire Cost: Warranty
BJs$20Lifetime Balancing and RotationNew Valve StemsInflation checksFlat RepairsTire DisposalRoad Hazard Warranty (Three Years)$5: TPMS Kit
NTB$17Lifetime Balancing and Rotation$8: TPMS Kit$15 to 16% of Tire Cost: Warranty$3: Tire Disposal
Costco (Members-Only)$18.99Lifetime BalancingLifetime RotationLifetime Inflation ChecksLifetime Flat RepairsNew Valve SystemsTire DisposalRoad Hazard Warranty (Three Years)$3: TPMS Kit

Cost to Balance Tires

There would be times when you would only need to have your tires balanced without replacing the tires, as this is part of maintenance. Most experts suggest that you have them balanced every 24 months or every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Thus, although the companies we mentioned above include lifetime balancing, you might not currently enjoy the said perk since you have your tires mounted by a different company.

Here are expected average costs per tire when you visit the companies mentioned above:

  • Walmart: $10
  • Discount Tire: $16
  • BJs: $10
  • NTB: $12
  • Costco: $21.99

FAQs About Tire Mounting and Balancing

Mechanic Mounting a Tire on a Rim

Now that you’re familiar with the cost to mount and balance tires, you probably have a few questions in mind. We’ve answered common questions to help you understand better why it’s essential to set a budget for tire mounting and balancing.

Can I Mount and Balance My Own Tires?

Understandably, you might want to mount and balance your tires because of the high cost. However, it might cost you more if you do so because you don’t have the right pieces of equipment and tools. You might end up damaging the wheels and tires or not achieving the proper balance, risking your safety and car’s performance.

Can I Replace One Tire Only?

Whether driving off-road or on-road, professionals do not recommend one-tire replacement due to differences in tread patterns, resulting in stability issues, especially when driving at high speed. You’ll also notice vibrations, noises, and other unpleasant issues that make driving very inconvenient and unsafe.

You can, however, have two pairs replaced, such as both front tires or both rear tires. Still, it’s always best to have four tires replaced at the same time.

Can I Dispose of Old Tires Myself?

Definitely! There are tire recycling centers where you can bring your old tires, so you don’t have to pay the tire disposal fee. If you’re into DIY crafting, you may also repurpose your old tires into usable and decorative items.

How Much Does It Cost to Mount and Balance Tires: In Conclusion

The average cost of mounting and balancing a new set of tires is around the hundred-dollar mark, which will be nearly $150 for larger units like Jeeps and ATVs. Yes, it’s costly because you also need to purchase tires, but it won’t be as expensive as when you get into an accident due to unreliable tires.

The five companies we included on this list allow you to purchase tires without worrying about where you can have them mounted and regularly balanced. Choose the company that works best for your budget and specific needs. If you need to have your ATV or UTV tire (Check Amazon for Price) replaced or serviced, though, Walmart will be your best option and most affordable option.

Picking Tires – What is the average price to get tires mounted and balanced