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ATV Ramps – 6 Best Loading Ramps for Your ATV

ATVs are more than just a fun past-time – they’re an integral part of your gear as an outdoor off-roading enthusiast. Nothing beats riding through rugged trails on a sunny day. But how about those days when you get back to your truck in the pouring rain, try to deploy your ATV ramps, and it becomes a total nightmare?

You need stable and secure ATV loading ramps. But there are so many choices out there that it can be tough to find the right one. In this article, I list the 6 best ATV Ramps for loading your ATV, including the features, specs, and the pros and cons of each.

The 6 best ATV ramps are as follows:

  1. YAHEETECH Pair 7.5 Feet Aluminum Loading Ramps (Our Top Pick!) (View on Amazon)
  2. Titan Ramps 10′ Long Folding Aluminum Arch ATV Ramps
  3. Yutrax 78-inch Tri-Fold XL Aluminum Loading Ramps
  4. Black Widow Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp
  5. Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Aluminum 7′ 6 Arched ATV Ramp
  6. Haul-Master 1,500 Lb. Capacity Tri-Fold Aluminum Loading Ramp

What do you need from the best ATV truck ramps? First off, we need to look at the key elements of what makes a great loading ramp. Then, we’ll review the top 6 ATV loading ramps to make your life easy and your rides enjoyable.

ATV loading ramps are an essential part of your kit, and they need to be easy to use, fit for your ATV, and come with a reasonable price tag. You’ll also need to consider why you’re buying the ramp: Is this your first ATV, or are you replacing it? Or maybe you’re replacing an old ramp and want to level up in style, weight, etc. Let’s have a look at how to choose and what to choose in 2020.

ATVs on Trailer With Ramp Behind Truck

ATV Ramps – How to Choose the Best ATV Loading Ramps

Buying the right ATV truck ramp is pretty straightforward, as long as you know your essential criteria. Here is what you’ll need to be aware of before making your choice:

  • Carrying Capacity – This goes hand in hand with your vehicle. Check the capacity on each of the top-rated ramps below against the weight of your ATV.
  • Weight – Not only is your ATV heavy enough, but you also don’t want to struggle with heavy ramps too. The best option is to look for aluminum loading ramps that will be lightweight yet sturdy enough for your needs.
  • Dimensions – Again, this depends on your ATV and your truck too. How long do you need your ramps to be? There are some excellent choices out there for folding ATV ramps, which will save you space in your truck, but you need to consider how easy they’ll be to manipulate.
  • Picking the right size ATV ramp can be quite tricky, and we’ll have a look at this separately below.
  • Price – Not to suggest a high price is better, but you should be aware that high-quality, durable, aluminum loading ramps will not come cheap. There are great options to balance cost and quality, though, as we’ll see shortly.

The 5 Best ATV Loading Ramps Available Right Now

Without further ado, let’s look at the best-rated ATV truck ramps you can buy on the market.

1. YAHEETECH Pair 7.5 Feet Aluminum ATV Ramps

With a weight capacity of 1500lbs, the YAHEETECH Pair 7.5 Feet Aluminum Truck Ramps (view on Amazon) are excellent for any four-wheeled vehicle, including lawnmowers, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. Each measure at 89.3″ long and 11.6 wide.

These aluminum ATV ramps have a protective design that reduces the abrasion between your ride and the ramp. There are three caps at the bottom of the ramp, which prevents it from slipping. This makes it much more comfortable and safer to load.

These ramps come with rubber-tipped fingers and safety straps. The heavy-duty safety straps keep the ramps firmly attached to the tailgate to ensure easy loading.


  • Reasonably priced and offers excellent functionality
  • Supports many different types of vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, trailers, garden tractors, etc.
  • Easy to use


  • Sharp edges make them difficult to carry. Make sure to wear gloves when handling.

2. Titan Ramps 10′ Long Folding Aluminum Arch ATV Ramps

The Titan Folding Aluminum Arch ATV Ramps (view on Amazon) make excellent ATV loading ramps, and this is no exception. They have a capacity of 1,200 lbs and come with safety straps included keeping your ATV safely in position while you’re driving.

These folding ATV ramps have the added benefit of not taking up a considerable amount of space in your truck. They also only weigh 45 lbs on their own – so they’re straightforward to transport and manipulate.

Used for loading anything from lawnmowers to tractors to fun 4-wheelers, these ramps are excellent for the price and very sturdy.


  • Sturdy and usable with several types of vehicles
  • Long ramps make it easy to achieve a perfect angle when loading into the truck
  • Lightweight and good-looking too


  • Slightly longer than most models, so they flex and shake a bit more than others
  • Limited to carrying 1,500 lbs
  • Some sharp edges so we advise wearing gloves to protect your hands

3. Yutrax 78-inch Tri-Fold XL Aluminum Loading Ramps

Another folding ATV ramp set, the Yutrax Aluminum Loading Ramps (view on Amazon), each has a length of 78″ and width of 50″ foldable down to 17.5,” which makes it easier to transport (although you still need a long trunk or trailer).

These ramps are very resistant to bending and feature heavy-duty hinges and joints, which are welded rather than riveted. They can hold up to 1,750 lbs and also come in 70″ length as an option. They are best suited for taller vehicles.


  • Very sturdy – users report being able to load and unload happily 20-40 times a day without issue
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight for the size
  • Large width great for wider ATVs


  • Careful of the dimensions – the 70″ model counts the supports and is only c. 65″ in ramp only, which can make the loading angle quite steep
  • Not suitable for snowmobiles
  • Large gaps – be aware if you have smaller-wheeled vehicles

4. Black Widow Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp

The Black Window heavy-duty aluminum tri-fold ramp (view on Amazon) is quite unusual in its style and functionality. It is capable of loading heavy vehicles of up to 1,500 lbs. However, the stand-alone weight of the aluminum ATV ramp is 60 lbs. So it’s not the lightest.

What is remarkable about the Black Widow loading ramp is its punch hole solid surface, which gives you added traction and lends itself to being used with small-wheeled vehicles without issues. 

Finally, it folds down very small – only 5-5/8″ high and 18″ wide. 


  • Very sturdy and excellent traction for your ATV when loading
  • Comes with rubber-coated fingers to grip trailer beds and tailgates
  • Folds down very small


  • Very heavy compared to its competitors
  • Relatively short

5. Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Aluminum 7′ 6 Arched ATV Ramp

The Rage Powersports arched ATV ramps (view on Amazon) are lightweight ramps that can easily fold and fit under the ATV or in the back of your truck seat. They have a weight capacity of 750 lbs, but some have commented that they remain sturdy even at 1000 lbs.

Their aluminum construction will ensure you get your ATV loaded safely and securely. It comes with serrated rungs for superior traction in poor weather, mud, rain, and snow. The ramp also comes with two adjustable safety straps to secure the ramps to the vehicle.


  • Lightweight, easy to carry and unfold
  • Easy to store
  • Stable and great traction in bad weather


  • Some have commented that their straps didn’t help very much, and instead needed to purchase ratchet straps.

6. Haul-Master 1,500 Lb. Capacity Tri-Fold Aluminum Loading Ramp

As one of Harbor Freight Ramps, the Haul-Master Aluminum Loading Ramp (view on Amazon) has long been considered the best of them all, yet it finds itself overtaken by the other four ramps we’ve reviewed here.

This is a heavy-duty structure with safety chains which folds to 14″ wide. It’s not particularly long at 69″ but it is lighter than some other ramps on the market (33 lbs. only).


  • Folds compactly
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Well secured with safety chain during loading


  • Wide gaps
  • Not particularly long

Bonus Tip: How to Pick the Right ATV Ramp Size

Like we said above, figuring out your ATV ramp size is not an easy task. You need to consider:

  • Wheelbase – i.e., the horizontal distance between the center of the front wheel and the rear wheel;
  • Ground clearance – the length between the lowest part of your ATV (excluding tires and wheels) and the ground;
  • Loading height/rise – the distance between the ground and the highest point of the trailer/truck, which you plan to load the ATV on.

If you can calculate it yourself, here is the formula to work out the size:

Rise / (Ground Clearance / (Wheelbase x 0.5) x 0.5)) = Result

Discount Ramps have an easy-to-use calculator here.

Conclusion – 6 Best Loading Ramps for Your ATV

So, what are the best ATV Ramps for loading your ATV? To summarize, here’s the list once again:

  1. YAHEETECH Pair 7.5 Feet Aluminum ATV Ramps (Our Top Pick!) (View on Amazon)
  2. Titan Ramps 10′ Long Folding Aluminum Arch ATV Ramps
  3. Yutrax 78-inch Tri-Fold XL Aluminum Loading Ramps
  4. Black Widow Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp
  5. Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Aluminum 7′ 6 Arched ATV Ramp
  6. Haul-Master 1,500 Lb. Capacity Tri-Fold Aluminum Loading Ramp

As you’ve seen, there are loads of ATV loading ramps to choose from. Ultimately, it all comes down to picking based on your needs and hitting that optimal price-quality ratio. You’ve seen our picks of the six best ATV ramps out there – now enjoy your rides!